Urban Decay mini palettes

In the world of makeup, eyeshadows and palettes Urban Decay is a brand that I can't ever imagine
become overshadowed (pun intended!) by other brands. Although they have an incredible brand, their
naked palettes are definitely what they are most known for! I'm proud of my naked palette collection
that I have acquired and can't wait to purchase the final 3 to make it complete. I feel like nobody ever
talks about their mini palettes however I love them and think they deserve more attention, so I wanted
to share an in-depth review on how incredible they all are!

The first ever product and palette that I purchased from Urban Decay was the naked basics, followed
by the naked basics 2 about 2 years later! It wasn't until they did a pre-sale of the naked heat that I
purchased my first full size naked palette by them - the naked heat. After longing after the ultimate
naked basics palette for a while I purchased it of Depop!

Whilst in London this Summer I treated myself to the incredible naked heat basics and after hearing
about the loss and discontinuation of the original naked palette, I finally picked up their most famous
palette. During the black Friday sales I treated myself to the aphrodisiac palette and at Christmas I
bought the cherry palette. In the 6 months I have purchased 4 Urban Decay palettes, and I can't
wait to compete my naked collection.

Out of all the mini palettes I recommend the aphrodisiac and heat palette the most as they have
 the best shades, however if you are looking for a neutral shadow palette then I would recommend
the original naked basics over then naked basics 2 as having both isn't necessary.

Naked basics
"Everything you need for perfect neutral naked eye."

This is the original basics and mini/compact palette that started of a huge craze. Featuring 6 matte
shades that are smooth and last all day long. Each shade is super pigmented and easily bendable due
to the pigment infusion system that Urban Decay uses in the shadows to make them the best of the
ability whilst looking and applying as evenly on the lid as the look in the palette.

"It's so versatile you'll wonder how you lived without it."

Although this isn't a follow on from the naked 2 palette, it is inspired by the cool-toned shadows
in the palette. However this is an extension of the original naked basics palette. This contains 6
shadows, 5 of which are new, that are all on the more cool toned side rather than warm toned.
This is super versatile and suits any skin tone and any type of person ranging from beginners to
makeup artists. These are smooth and pigmented shadows that are bendable and super easy to
wear. For a full review click here.

"It has everything you need to create a soft or sultry look."

This palette is the follow on mini and compact version of the naked heat palette. Featuring just 6 new
shades of pure fiery and sultriness, including 5 mattes and 1 demi-matte shadow. Each shade is super
smooth and pigmented both when swatched and applied to the lid. These blend easily and are
buildable to get your desired look. For a full review click here.

"Seductive shades we're swooning over."

This is the only mini and compact palette that isn't a follow on from a large naked palette. However it
does have similar shades and tones to the cherry palette. This has 3 mattes and 3 shimmer shades that
are all berry and magenta tones creating a 'wine inspired' look. These are super pigmented and
blendable on the eyes as well as applying evenly and feeling smooth/creamy. For a full review click here.

Have you tried any Urban Decay mini palettes?
Let me know your favourite in a comment below.