Naked Basics 2

It has been the longest time since the Urban Decay naked basics 2 palette came out. It has been
so long that I'm surprised there isn't any more. The first time I was in London for IMATS was the year
that I purchased the first naked basics palette, so it only seemed right to pick up the second palette
when I went to London this year for IMATS. I actually picked this up at IMATS itself rather than in
a department store and I was quite shocked they their stall only had offers for pro card and makeup
students. Despite that I was super excited to purchase this and couldn't wait to use it as it is more cool toned.

I am yet to buy the any of the Naked palettes, and if I'm honest I probably wouldn't use them or
reach for them as often as I probably should. So for me the naked basics are the ones for me. 
Not only does it have only have 6 shadows and is super compact but it also has neutral shades that
are very wearable and easy to transition to day or night. The first Naked basics palette is more
warm toned and looks great in the Autumn and Winter times. The second Naked basics palette has
more cool tones that look great in the warmer months to deepen up the eyes. 

The quality of Urban Decay shadows are unreal! They are so smooth and have a velvet like
feel to them. They also have really high pigmentation and look just the same on the eyes as they
do in the palette and also blend super easy. The only downfall to these shadows are they they
are slightly powdery and you can get a lot of fall out when applying these.

5 of the 6 shades in the Naked basics 2 palette are matte whilst the first shade, skimp, is has a subtle
sheen to it that can be used as a highlight shade. The second shade, stark, is a beautiful light beige
colour that can be worn all over the lid. The next shade, frisk, is a lovely light grey shade that is great
for using as a transition shade. The shade cover, is a medium toned brown that suits the crease really
well. The last 2 shades, primal and undone, are the darkest out of the palette as they are a dark
brown and a matte black which can be used to transition the look from day to night and add definition.

Compare to the first naked basics palette, they have the same shades but the undertones to them are 
different. Naked basics 1 is warm toned and the Naked basics 2 is cool toned. 

If you like both warm and cool tones then I would suggest getting both or the one that you
would reach for more as they are super easy to use and are totally worth the retail price of £23.
If you are looking to purchase these they can be found at many stores and online independent 
stores or department stores such as Debenhams.


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