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Sex toys can be a very intimidating thing, especially if you are a beginner and are new to the toy
industry. It can be even scarier when the first thing you see is huge vibrators flashing at the back of
the store or are front page on a website. It's not secret that I like to talk about sex and provide advice
and education around the topic, since I believe it's lacking in society as well as the school curriculum.
This is definitely more of a guide and informative take on my usual posts, but is a topic that needs to
be talked about more to help people become more educated.

Bullet vibrators
Bullet vibrators are small and usually are between 2 and 4 inches long, so are great for being your
first toy and also solo play. There are so many different variations of bullet vibrators, from your
classic simple 1 setting, to waterproof, to a pocket vibrator with different heads, lipstick bullets and
also bullets with up to 20 vibration settings. The reason these are a great first time sex toy, is because
they are so simple and basic to use without being too intimidating. You can use them for internal or
external play and although they often aren't extremely powerful, they get the job done. Pretty much
every adult store will sell a bullet vibrator. Monada have a luxury 10 mode bullet vibrator and a
licence to thrill 10 speed bullet vibrator, both for under £8.

Classic and rabbit vibrators 
A classic vibrator is typically straight for basic penetration, however some happen to a curved end for
extra pleasure. They are pretty similar to bullet vibrators, but they happen to be larger and longer, as
well as providing pleasure to multiple areas. Monada sell a luxury silicone 7 speed g-spot rabbit 
vibrator for only £24.99 that is designed to hit the g-spot and give clitoral stimulation. Monada also
stock a clitoral sucking g-spot vibrator for £44.99 which is my personal favourite. This is used
internally for penetrative pleasure, as well as having suction on the clitoris.

Love eggs
Love eggs are some of my favourite toys, because they are so simple and are great for when you
want to have fun on the go and outside of the bedroom. Love eggs sit discreetly inside your vagina
and can also help with your improving your pelvic floor muscles. They vibrator and come with a
remote which you or another party can control. A lot of love eggs are attached to the remote with a
thin chord, however if you are wanting to spice things up a bit more then you can purchase wireless
ones, and give your partner the remote to be in total control.  For less than £20 Monada sell a luxury 
10 mode remote control love egg vibrator

I've always found wands pretty intimidating and unnecessary because of how large they were yet you
use a small percentage of them. That was until I found the Monada luxury silicone 20 speed massage 
wand vibrator* for £19.99. This is the perfect size and still gives the same amount of pleasure as
larger wands. This has 20 speeds and can last up to an hour. Due to it being smaller than most, it sits
comfortably in your hand and is easy to use. Wands again provide only clitoral or surface stimulation,
but they can be used all over the body for more arousal. They do all the work for you without having
to do any movement and provide intense pleasure.

Cock rings
Cock rings are the perfect couple toy for beginners. They are used on a penis to restrict the blood
flow, to keep an erection harder for longer. They are a stretchy silicone material and help to maximise
an orgasm too. Durex pleasure ring which is £5.99 and can be used with condoms up to 6 times. You
can also get a silicone vibrating cock ring for £9.99 that can be cleaned and washed at home. If you
are looking to please both the male and female party at the same time you can get vibrating rabbit 
cock rings for £19.99 which stimulate the clitoris whilst providing pleasure for the man.

When people think sex toys, their mind typically will go straight towards a dildo. There are so many
different types of dildos that you can get. Dildos are used for penetrative sex and have been around
since the stoneage and are perfect for those wanting something more realistic. They range in size,
colour, material and price. Classic realistic dildo can range for around £24.99, but you can also get
glass dildos, vibrating realistic dildos and double ended dildos for double penetration.

Use my code 'leamai10' for 10% your order at Monada.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Monada. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. Bullets are always a winner & they are a toy I will always recommend for beginners! Love Honey is my favourite website for sex toys for sureeee.

    Rachael xx

    1. They're so good and Love Honey is amazing x

  2. I reaaaally want to try a wand - but rabbits are my fave right now!! x

    1. This wand is amazing as it's the perfect size x

  3. I remember looking at toys for the first time in Ann Summers, I was SO embarrassed! I guess I was embarrassed that someone was gonna find out that I use toys in the bedroom. Now it's completely normal! I love bullets, they're my fave xx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. Me too. Now I share them on the internet! Bullets are amazing, for so many things too x

  4. Interesting post, who knew so many of these things existed!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. There's so many more, this is just the tip of the iceberg x

  5. I work in online dating when I'm not working at LoveRosiee so I knew loads of this stuff already - and I have to say, your coverage is really thorough and helpful! Life is for pleasure right?!

    1. Thank you! Definitely, can't go through life without it x

  6. Love this round up, great post hun - who knew there was so many options!

    1. Thank you! I know right, so many more too x

  7. Such an interesting post, I’ve never used them so very insightful

  8. Such a fab post for beginners Lea! Some great bits here! Xx

  9. This is a great honest guide