She Glam cosmetics - is it worth it and my favourites?

When it comes to new affordable makeup and the websites that sell them, I tend to be very hesitant as you 
don't always know what ingredients and chemicals are used in order for them to be that affordable. I had 
heard about SheGlam before and wasn't too sure about it, due to the fast production and controversy 
surrounding Shein. After seeing Mikayla not only try their products but also rave about them, as well as 
other influencers, I decided to give them a go and was pleasantly shocked.

SheGlam offers a huge variety of high quality and premium cosmetics, focusing on current crazes and 
trends all for affordable prices as low as £2.47. They have a lot of products that would be considered 
'dupes' or 'copies' of luxury brands, but also new and innovative ideas and collections such as; Willy 

I have tried a range of products from SheGlam including; liquid blush and contour, concealer, lip balm, 
bronzers and highlighters, face primer and also lip products. With the wide range of products I've tried,
 I continue to be shocked by the quality and consistency along with how adorable the packaging is! 


There are still so many products I am interested in trying from SheGlam and I can't wait to get my
 hands on! I look forward to seeing what other collections they release and the trends they engage with! 



  1. I've never heard of She Glam before, but I like the sound of their cosmetics! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Definitely recommend checking them out! Yet to have a bad product from them x

  2. I am loving that these products are great for you. I've been tempted to buy from them but have been waiting for a genuine review like this!

    1. Thank you! I think a lot of people are hesitant, but they've all been so amazing. I hope you get to try some and they work for you, I highly recommend x

  3. I've not heard of She Glam before. I wouldn't have known they're from Shein. Can't deny how ridiculously cute the packaging is though! X

    1. The packaging definitely reels you in, but the quality is just as incredible x