My Blogs 2nd Birthday

It has officially been 2 years since I launched my blog. Part of me think it's flew by and
gone so fast, but the other part of me think it seems like I've been blogging for much longer and
it's gone so slow. Some of you might know that I have had 2-3 blogs before this one that I loved
at the time but drifted away from it, which I thought would happen with this blog. But I knew I 
really wanted to blog and talk about things I love which other people might like too. 

When I first launched this blog I was 15, didn't leave the house, was still at high school
and I had no friends. Now, only 2 years later, I'm 17, going into my second year at college
and enjoying my life with my friends. I feel like my blog has helped me to be wear I am
now. It has gave me the extra boost of confidence that I didn't have. 

Most people who start of blogging think that it is immediately going to take off, and have 
thousands of views. A lot of people also think that they're going to get sent loads of PR
packages and blogging will become their full time job. That's not the case. Don't go into it 
looking for money and free items, do it because you love it and as a hobby.

There is no reason as to why I am writing this blog post. I mainly wanted to write this 
because I wanted to say thank you. Whether that is to the 12 people who read or the 1035 
who read my blog. Each view and comment means the world to me. The fact that you've 
taken the time out of your day to read and comment on a post that little old me wrote,
means so much more to me than you could imagine. So much so that I often screenshot 
comments and views to my mom to show her how much I love you all.

I  don't do this for the money or any free parcels that I may get. I do this because it is
a way to express myself and a way for me to share my love and passion for beauty, makeup,
fashion and lifestyle with you all and it also gives me a chance to bond with you all.

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart ... thank you so much.
You're love and attention does not go unnoticed!


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