Urban Decay aphrodisiac

Definitely late to the party, but here nevertheless. I feel like I've been after the Urban Decay 
aphrodisiac palette for ages, so I'm extremely happy that I managed to pick it up. A few weeks back 
I was checking the Urban Decay website and noticed that this palette was in the sale for only £15.60. 
After picking myself up off the floor in shock,  I immediately added it to my basket and waited at the 
door for it to arrive. When it did arrive I swatched it and spent ages looking at the beautiful shadows.

This is described as a seductive shadow palette with deep plums and warm toned shades. The
reason that I got this palette was not only because I have the other 'mini 6 shadow' palettes that 
Urban Decay do, but mainly because of the incredible shade called night fever!

Sheets - warm nude matte
Beyond - matte terra-cotta
Night fever - soft rose gold metallic
Addict - deep magenta shimmer
Glare - metallic brown with gold shimmer
Whiplash - deep reddish-brown matte

These not only swatch beautifully and smoothly but they also apply on the eyes like that, whilst
lasting all day and blending seamlessly. I often find myself wondering if I need another palette, 
and if I want too spend more money than usual on even more eyeshadows, but then I remember
how amazing the Urban Decay shadow quality is and then the decision is easy.

Out of all the 'mini' palettes that Urban Decay do and own, I think this one is my favourite because I
wear berry, pink and warmer toned shades more often and will get more use out of this palette than
the rest. If you haven't already checked this out or purchased it for yourself then I definitely
recommend you do so, because it's incredible. 

Get it here for £26.