Why I started and quit Arbonne within the same week

Do you ever find yourself wondering how different your life could of been if you chose to do or not
to do one particular thing? I often wonder if being a part of Arbonne would have been my job if I
carried on, however I don't regret quitting. I've thought about doing this post for a while, but was
worried about how it would come across. However I decided that I wanted to share my experience
and reasoning behind quitting and what I think about selling products at home. 

Lets start at the beginning. Arbonne is a company that allows people sign up and become an
independent consultant and make money at home by selling their products. Arbonne has similar
concept to Youniqe and Avon, however they pride themselves on their high quality products.
Arbonne cuts out the middle people and sells their products straight from the factory to the buyer.
Their quality of products is up their with La Mer and La Prairie but for a fraction of the price.
Arbonne was once sold in Selfridges and Harrods for the same price as La Mer, but they decided
 to sell straight to the buyers and cut down the costs.

After seeing and talking to an Arbonne representative I was interested in how the business of
Arbonne works and decided to pay the registration fee and try it out for myself. I would soon come
to realise it wasn't for me. When signing up to a lot at home jobs, you pay a registration fee but also
get sent some of the companies items to try and test for yourself to then show and sell to others.
However Arbonne send out booklets, information and some skincare samples. 

Since Arbonne sell high quality makeup they come with a higher than drugstore price tag. All of
their products come with a price tag similar to MAC Cosmetics, which for the average person isn't
the most affordable. Since at this point I didn't work, I didn't really have any money, so the I decided
to purchase the real conceal liquid concealer for £26. I set up a Facebook page and was posting
regularly. However I quickly realised that I couldn't keep up with it since I couldn't afford to try
new products in order to give my opinion and share with others in order to make a sale.

I realised at this point that in order to make money from Arbonne you need to have tried a lot of
their products or have money to buy and try their products, as customers won't buy from you if
they don't know if the person selling them likes them themselves. This isn't the case for every
Arbonne independent consultant but I personally found this myself.

At this point in my life selling products independently isn't for me. I respect people and
companies that can do this but for me this isn't the right path. I still love the brand and will
definitely be purchasing from them again in the future.


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