Urban Decay petite heat

Urban Decay is always on top of it when it comes to eyeshadows. I own a small handful of Urban Decay products, and all of them are eyeshadow palettes. Since I already own the naked basics 1 and 2 I thought it was only right to pick up the 6 pan petite heat palette when I stopped at their store in Convent Garden, London. A palette I definitely didn't need but one I definitely wanted. 

I already own the heat palette, so it seems unnecessary for me to have the petite heat aswell. However my justification for this purchase is that although it's small, cute and easy to travel with this has 6 new shades that the original heat palette does not. The main reason that I decided to pick this up is because I'm most likely to pick this up and use it, over a larger palette because of convenience.

Inhale - cream demi-matte
Vibrate - soft nude matte
Hot spell - terracotta matte
Wild thing - scorched orange matte
Heist - rich cayenee matte 
Strike - rich reddish brown matte

Each shade has a smooth texture that allows for pigment to be pressed onto the lid evenly whilst being buildable and blendable for a seamless look. This palette is defiantly more warmed toned, and due to the orange and red tones in the shades it allows for them to be worn beautifully in the autumn. 

This is not my photo

The Urban Decay petite heat palette can be found directly on the Urban Decay website for £26.

Have you tired this palette yet?
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  1. I haven't tried this one but I have the naked heat in the full size and I love it. These look incredible too, but the only thing is that they are all mattes as I like a shimmer for all over my eye lid. The shades are definitely up my street though, as I love warm tones so much! Great post x
    Natasha || FloralsAndCoralsx

    1. Thank you! I have the original naked heat too and although I love a good shimmer, I think you always need matte shades x