Jaclyn Hill x Morphe vault collection

This is the most anticipated palette since Jaclyn's original collaboration with Morphe a year ago. Truth say I haven't loved a palette this month since the first either, except this time there's 4. Each palette has a set colour theme with buttery and unique shadows that suit all skin tones. 

The vault collection is the overspill of left over shadows Jaclyn created when making her first 
palette. This meant that 4 new palettes were created including 40 new shades. Each palette is available individually for £15 each or you can buy all 4 palettes together in the vault for £49 which 
saves you £11 (nearly another individual palette). I purchased this on the new UK website, which 
wasn't created last year. This allowed me to save money from the shipping and customs cost.

I have never known shadows as creamy, consist, pigmented and flawless as these. I have only 
tried a few palettes from Morphe but their collaborations with Jaclyn Hill are definitely my favourite.
Each shadow was created from scratch by Jaclyn herself, with a specific look in mind. Jaclyn is such
a perfectionist that when she found inconsistencies within the mass produced palettes, she spoke to Morphe and was able to push back the launch (by over a month) to create the palettes she wanted 
and imagined - not only for herself but also for her audience and fans that love her to give them 
what they deserve. 

Hot fiery shades to spice up your classic makeup look. 

Lolli - shimmering peach rosé 
Rush - matte amber
On camera - shimmering tropical gold
Boom - shimmering blushed bronze
Alert - matte deep ochre 
Bomb ass - gleaming hibiscus red 
Siren - shimmering plum
Mugshot - matte toasted almond
Framed - matte deep plum
Secret - matte roasted chestnut

Jewelled purples for a red toned glam look just in time for Christmas. 

Bling bling - silvery pink glitz
Hush hush - matte lilac mauve
Gem - vibrant violet sheen
Pizzaz - glistening magenta 
Mystic - matte blackberry
Sparks - matte ruby red
Glitz & glam - shimmering rose gold
Rockstar - matte mulberry 
Ballsy - glistening mauve pink 
Berry treasure - glistening charcoal black

The darker palette out of the 4 used to create a midnight scene on the eyes. 

Poof - matte cream
Power cut - metallic silver
Shh - matte dusty taupe
Trickery - sparkling emerald
Diversion - shimmering gunmetal
Potion - matte avocado green
Busted - matte ocean blue
Inside job - matte dark jade
Mojo - matte smoked hickory 
Temptress - glinting pitch black

Desert heat shadows that looks perfect for the upcoming Autumn season.

VIP - icy white shimmer
Access - matte turmeric gold
Gilt trip - gold leaf shimmer
Coin - glitzy gold sheen
Agent - matte saffron
Top secret - matte absinth green
Smooth criminal - matte cognac
Secure - matte tangerine
Prowl - matte dark truffle
Classified - shimmering burnt gold

At the time of the upload the vault and each palette individually 
is still available on the UK website.



  1. I need these Palettes in my life!! My favorite has to be bling boss. I never got the original palette now I'm super tempted! Should I buy the one or go for the collection? Love your post xx

    1. Thank you! Personally I'd go for the collection, because even if you don't use every single shade you can mix and match and you still get your money's worth. I used Jaclyn's code (JACATTACK) and saved 10% aswell. The original palette is available on the UK website if you're interested in that too x

  2. OMG, i need these!! I saw them on instagram the other day. I might be making a little order tonight!


    1. Definitely! I was in such a panic that I might miss out, which is why I'm shocked that they're still available. If you do buy them use here code; JACATTACK to save 10% x