Sleek copperplate highlighter

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about highlighters and the glow that they give.
Whether that be me daydreaming about the glow they give, the new jelly highlighters that have
been coming out or covering my entire face and body in them. Every time I go makeup shopping I somehow end up coming home with a new highlighter of some sort. One of my favourite places to
shop for makeup, other than the obvious, is Amazon. I love shopping on Amazon because they
literally have everything you could ever dream of and I often find things on their that I haven't seen elsewhere. That is where I found this new(ish) sleek palette.

Sleek isn't a brand that I've explored a lot of, but I have tried their highlighter palettes. Sleek have 5 highlighter palettes; solstice, distorted dreams, precious metals, Cleopatra's kiss and now copperplate.

Copperplate is the first all powder highlighter palette that Sleek has created that features warm copper and bronze toned shades that is said to suit all skin tones. This is said add warmth to your face 
whilst adding a mysterious yet blinding glow with the copper, bronze, gold and rose gold shades. 

Although this is said to suit all skin tones, I personally think that this would suit more medium-deep skin tones due to the more bronze and warm toned shades. I have very pale and light skin and when 
I use these I have to be very careful and light handed otherwise I turn quite orange.

The overall quality of the shades are incredible for the affordability of the highlighters. They 
have a smooth and silky feel without having chunky glitter with a lot of fall out. These also 
apply evenly on the skin, without being patchy or chalky feeling.

If you have medium to dark skin tones then I would highly recommend this, especially for 
the affordability. This can be found in Boots or on for only £9.99.