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Shop my stash posts and videos were all the rage a few years ago, but I wanted to bring them back and put my own spin on them. These posts were always about rekindling your love for products that you always own and in theory are shopping your makeup collection. I wanted to switch it round and share each individual part of my collection and for you to shop my stash and find products that you might love. In other words brief reviews on each product in my makeup collection. 


I don't have a lot of eye primers as I find they all do the same thing, unlike face primers which 
are targeted towards you're skin type. I really enjoy using the Revolution eye primer as it is 
simple and easy, but keeps your eye shadow on all day long without fading or creasing. 


Looking at this list now, I don't have very many single eye shadows - probably because it's a lot
easier to have eye shadow palettes instead. My latest eye shadow that I picked up and one of my favourites is the CYO metallic shadow in lovey dovey, which is a beautiful bright copper shade. 


I've really been into using cream eyeshadows lately which is why I have so many. My favourites to use are the Barry M crushed jewels or Elizabeth Arden cream pots. Cream shadows are easy to use as they add the desired colour to the lid but also add definition to the lid that wasn't there before. 


I always gravitate towards my larger eyeshadow palettes as they have all the shadows I need in 1 palette, however sometimes I like to use small eye palettes for the shades that I don't have elsewhere. I usually gravitate towards the Urban Decay naked basics or the Becca x Jaclyn Hill palettes.



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