Why I love Imperial Leather

Showering is a given, and how often we do it I believe that it needs to be fun and enjoyable. There's very few shower products that I've tried that haven't worked, because let's face it - it's pretty hard to mess up a shower gel. Imperial Leather is a brand that have never got it wrong and continue to create amazing products that not only keep up with the trends but also smell incredible! 

Their latest range is what made me go on a mini binge buy with all the shower gels. This range is called the fantasy icons shower gels which feature 4 new limited edition shower gels. What caught my eye with these was definitely their names and how they have been worked into catchy slogans and quotes! My favourite name is; tropic like it's hot, but I can't wait to try let's flamingle. 

Mermazing - Fijian water and lotus flower
Let's flamingle - pink lychee and raspberry
Tropic like it's hot - Pineapple and coconut
Cosmic unicorn - moon and sparkles, unicorn dust

These later up super easily and make your skin feeling super soft whilst also leaving that incredible scent on your skin when you get out of the shower, without being overwhelming like other shower gels and body washes can be. These have and will be staying in my routine for a long time to come! 

Was I the only one who used to mix products together in the bath and play scientist? 
Well the Imperial Leather foambursts definitely make me feel like I'm experimenting. 

Imperial Leather have recently collaborated together with Skinny Dip to add 3 new limited edition fragrances, to their foamburst range - ocean waves, cherry bomb and berry blast. I also made sure
 that I picked up their ever so famous unicorn foamburst that I've heard everyone rave about!

Ocean waves - bergamot and sea minerals 
Cherry bomb - vanilla and cherry blossom
Berry blast - blackberry and wild fig
Unicorn - marshmallow and unicorn power 

I've never understood the fascination with foaming shower gel until I tried these out. They come out like a thick shower gel and within seconds they have foamed up and their scent has been extenuated. My favourite out of these so far is the berry blast, since I am a huge fan of berry and fruity scents. 

Imperial leather is a brand that everyone has tried at some point in their life, but never talk about. After their recent collaboration with skinny dip and their new fantasy icons range, I believe this will get people talking about them more, especially since they are so Instagram worthy!

Have you tried their new range and collaboration?
Let me know in a comment below.


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