Little Stranger book review - unhinged taboo romance

With my recent addiction to dark and spicy romances, it only seemed fitting to share a review of one of the 
most unhinged dark romances I've read so far. I was debating doing this post because it's definitely not for 
everyone and comes with it's fair share of trigger warnings, however I gave it 5 stars and haven't stopped 
thinking about it since and just had to talk about it! Smut reads definitely aren't for everyone, but dark 
romance is a whole new category. This book, despite being a 5 star read, still found ways to shock me with 
descriptive scenarios of things I could never imagine previously. 

If a masked stranger presses a screwdriver to your throat and tell your to run, what do you do?

This does contain a lot of trigger warnings including; somnophilia, drugging, brands, choking, primal play, 
knife play, blog play, CNC and more. For further information on the trigger warnings read here. In the 
content warning Leigh mentions themselves how important it is not to read this book if anything triggers 
you as your mental health comes first and says to 'send this back to where you found it in the pits of hell!'

She betrayed him, and now he wants revenge against the foster sister who became his forbidden 
obsession the second he laid his eyes on her. After she sends him to prison for years, he's free and ready 
to haunt her. Everything about Olivia belongs to Malachi Vize. Her mind. Her body. Her soul. Her fear. 
Her pain. On halloween night, he can no longer lurk in the shadows. All he has left to own is her heart, 
even if he needs to TAKE it. 

Following a traumatic childhood Malachi is mute, using sign language to communicate. Immediately 
becoming obsessed and possessive over his foster sling Olivia, and being more than willing to get rid of 
anyone who gets in their way. Knowing her feelings and desires are wrong, that doesn't stop Olivia from 
getting involved. Don't be fooled by part one of this book. Malachi Vize might just seem slightly 
psychotic but part two changes that entirely. After years in prison Malachi is determined to get revenge 
and nothing stops him from doing so. Halloween night changes everything, when Olivia finds herself 
chained in a strangers house. Or is it a stranger. 

This book truly had me questioning so much about myself. There were parts where I was giddy, parts 
where I felt sad and every emotion, but throughout the entire book I was their biggest fan! If you are 
wanting a book that will leave your heard spinning, discovering new things about yourself and falling for 
a main character who is truly unhinged, then this book is 100% for you! There are few books I have read 
that leave a lasting impression and few that I want to re-read, but as soon as I finished this I immediately 
wanted to start it again and definitely will be doing so and I thoroughly look forward to it. 



  1. It's always a great feeling when you know that you'll want to re-read a book again after finishing it. Little Stranger sounds like a fab read! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. They're the best type of books! Lucky I've found quite a few of them this year x

  2. This sounds really dark and twisted but overall a good read, I always enjoy thrilling tv shows like this so I might give it a try!

  3. It sounds like there's a lot going on in this one! Feels like it could be quite heavy and intense, but a really great read. I'm definitely intrigued.


    1. I highly recommend checking out, but to read the trigger warnings especially if this genre isn't your usual go to x

  4. Love a dark and twisty read!

  5. This sounds like a book that will really keep you thinking about it. I've not read anything like this or within this genre before, but it would be an intriguing read.