Lets talk masturbation May

It's no secret that I love talking about the more taboo topics and in spirit of it being masturbation may it 
only felt right to do a dedicated post to it! Masturbation May spreads awareness, helps breaks down the 
stigma and starts conversations regarding masturbation. There is still a huge stigma surrounding female 
masturbation, despite women there being more female sex workers compared to male in the industry. 

92% of women admit to masturbating, with 30% of them being aged 60 and above. 32% of women admit 
that masturbating helps them fall asleep, reduce stress levels and ease pain that comes with menstruation.  
Masturbation also helps to release endorphins and acts as a form of self care. 

Although there are still many people who believe that only men masturbate and those that do choose to 
masturbate are dirty and unhealthy, this is far from the truth. In fact regular masturbation helps to boost 
your mood, reduce stress, relieve tension and so much more! Check out my blog post on masturbation 
myths to see what else isn't as it seems. 

I love that masturbating doesn't have to be solo. It can be mutual, acting as a sensual activity with a 
partner as foreplay or before sex, can include toys or be a sexy self care session. Over the last few years, 
the sex toy market has gotten larger and has quickly become a part of people's daily lives. There is so 
much variety and everyone is guaranteed to find a toy for them. My favourite are suction toys as they are 
use air stimulation to mimic a sucking motion, giving you the ultimate climax. Check out my post here.

Taboo and stigma focused sex posts are my favourite to do as my goal is to talk more about the 
'uncomfortable' conversation and make them normal. Masturbation May is important to spread awareness 
but also to show people that masturbating is not only pleasurable but also healthy. My aim is always for 
everyone to please themselves in a way that they are comfortable with, understand their bodies and learn 
to love yourself, but most importantly end the stigma ... especially around female masturbation. 



  1. Good for you on sharing this, you're always my favourite blogger for this kind of "taboo" subject.

    It's all about self care and loving yourself - and I am here for it!


    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the read as much as I love writing them x

  2. I love how you talk about stigmatised topics like this lovely, more people need to do this! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Thank you! Happy to be someone to share these topics, but I definitely agree more people need to do this x

  3. Yes! Love this girlie! The last paragraph I think is super empowering. Good for you for sharing.


    1. Thank you! All need some self empowerment as well as empowerment from others x