Sex toy guide for women

Sex toys are still a foreign concept to many. Whether you've seen them on TV, read about them in 
magazines or bypassed them in the store, it's hard to know where to start and what you'll enjoy. There 
are so many types of toys that it can be very daunting and overwhelming. In now way do I claim to be 
an expert or a professional, but I do know a lot about sex and the industry. No matter if you are single, 
casually dating or in a relationship there will be a sex toy out there for you and transforming your sex life.

Dildos are a phallic shaped silicone toy that is used for penetrative pleasure. These have been around 
since the Stone Age and have evolved over years to give people a more realistic approach. Used for 
masturbation, partnered play or can be adapted using suction or a harness for same sex relationships or 
those open to experimentation. Often ranging in size, colour, material and price there is one for everyone. 

Vibrators come in many forms such as wands, bullets and rabbits and are versatile with providing 
penetrative, clitoral, g-spot and occasional anal stimulation. A bullet vibrator is what I would describe as a 
beginners toy as they are between 2 and 4 inches long and the less intimidating option but still provides a 
strong climax. Wand vibrators are pretty intimidating due to their large sizing when you only use a small 
percentage. However wand vibrators often have up to 20 settings to give stimulation where it's needed the 
most. Rabbit vibrators are a dual stimulator, providing pleasure to both the clit and g-spot simultaneously.

Clitoral stimulating toys are my favourite and is what I've done several blog posts on (see my favourites 
here). Clitoral stimulating toys specifically focus the the clitoris by using air pulse technology and suction 
stimulation. This provides highly intense orgasms, as the clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings. With 
over 70% of people only being able to reach climax through clitoral play a suction toy is my biggest 
recommendation. My favourite clitoral stimulating sex toy is rose toy from Your Pleasure Toys.

Butt plugs and anal beads have a lot of stigma around, as people don't want to talk about the taboo topic 
of anal sex/play. They are specifically used for anal stimulation or anal training. Anal play can be very 
daunting and sometimes painful or uncomfortable to practice. When using butt plugs or anal beads, 
it's recommend to start off small and work your way up for better preparation. Butt plugs are also 
known to be worn for aesthetic purposes as some have a bejewelled base or tails.

The lesser known sex toy is those that provide nipple stimulation. Nipple clamps and suckers provide 
pleasurable pain that can lead to orgasms. Clamps are adjustable to be in control of the level of pain 
inflicted. Nipple suckers can be used up to 10 minutes for a constant pressure whilst allowing you to 
be hands free and focus on other endogenous zones and giving pleasure elsewhere. 

Lubricants are used for different sex acts for both pleasure and practicality at reducing friction. There are
 a variety of lubes available including different flavours, both warming and cooling as well as the options 
between silicone, silk or water based. Gels are used to enhance and heighten the sexual experience and 
libido, hoping to intensify orgasms and sensations. Lubes and gels are seen as just accessories but can 
intensify orgasms and elevate solo sex and sex with your partner. 

Check out my post on sex toys for beginners here.



  1. There's still so much taboo on sex toys. And on female self pleasure, bloody hell! So yes to all of this! More sex toy chat please. Haha!


    1. I love talking about sex! Hate that there's still so much taboo around it x

  2. It's amazing how many different ones are around now, haha!

    Corinne x

  3. It's mad to think how many types of sex and stimulation toys are around nowadays! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. So many ways of self pleasure and boosting your sex life, it's amazing! x

  4. I worked in online dating for years and I still can't believe the taboo around sex toys and masturbation. I think some people could actually do with a quick wank and they'd feel a lot better!


    1. I'm hoping that as more people talk about it, it will become less taboo! x