Starting a new job

Whoever you are, starting a new job is never easy and always nerve-wracking. The average person has a 
total of 12 jobs throughout their life time. That's 12 interviews, 12 new starts, 12 nerve-wracking first 
days. I recently got made redundant from my job and found myself in the position of trying to find 
something new. I was extremely anxious because my previous job was perfect for me and I really enjoyed 
it. Thankfully I only went 3 weeks without a job as the first job I applied for landed me a job offer.

Something I've always wanted to do is work in an office. Sitting a desk, managing things, writing and 
creating content etc. This job is exactly that. However I knew I didn't want to work for a large company, 
for many different reasons. This job is exactly that. It's a small company who work with a variety of other 
businesses, and I work in an office with 3 others. I have a daily routine and know what I'm doing when I 
get in. I love sticking to a routine, but also having space free to do other things so I'm constantly growing. 

I'm not going to mention the company I'm working for or what we do, but it's something very different for 
me, but one I'm enjoying. As of today I've been there officially one week. I've already been out for a meal 
with my colleagues, laughed more than I thought I could and woke up not dreading to go in. As someone 
who suffers majorly from anxiety and depression this is huge for me. I also have a steady work pattern and 
no longer work weekends, so I know when I can make plans and see people, which eases my anxiety as I 
don't have to worry about them changing and not knowing what's going on. 

Although I've been there a week, I still get nervous going in. There are established relationships and roles, 
and I get nervous that I'm coming in and distributing them. It's important to remember that being anxious 
about a new job or job role is perfectly normal and everyone gets like that. Starting a new job is a hard 
feeling to explain. You're nervous but excited. Scared but enjoying it. Nevertheless I am so happy to be 
working with an amazing group of people who care about what we are doing and want to see everyone 
exceed. I am thankful work for such an amazing company. 

How did you find starting a new job?



  1. It sounds like you are loving your new job Lea! I agree, I think I would rather work for a smaller company than in a big corporate office! x

    Lucy |

    1. I definitely am! Smaller companies are 10x better x

  2. Im so glad you've settled in! We love having you on the team xxx

  3. Ahh I'm so happy that you've settled in so well my darling!

  4. Oh Lea-Mai this sounds like a wonderful job and I’m so happy to hear how great a time you are having! Starting a new job is petrifying isn’t it? I’m about a year into my new job now but roughly six months ago I started a new job in my work and switched roles. So I’m still feeling some of the newbie nerves and I’ve got a lot to learn still but I’m really enjoying it!

    So happy to hear you’re having such a positive experience. It’s wonderful and so good to hear about positive job experiences!

    Ellie x |

    1. Thank you! Starting a new job or getting a promotion is terrifying, as we always strive for perfection x

  5. So my last new job where I went to a proper work place and worked for someone else was about 8 years ago now. I was a temp and expected to be there maybe a few months at the most. On my first day we had to do heaps of training which was really boring (And I was about ready to give up at that point lol). My Manager came in at the end of one of our sessions and asked everyone to put their hands up then as he asked questions about Excel and our knowledge we had to put our hands down. We got through the list and I was the only one with my hand still up. When my manager realised that I could drive a spreadsheet (maybe better than a car?) he'd got all sorts of extra bits for me, and so I spent my temp job as a Data Entry person getting to play with spreadsheets everyday. At one point I was working on a spreadsheet that was so big I had to have my own dedicated computer (rather than the hot desk situation that was going on before that). When I went on maternity leave, my manager's manager actually said to me that if I wanted to come back after maternity she'd make sure I got a job dealing with data and spreadsheets like I've done before. When I did look at going back my team had got merged into Customer Service and I didn't want to do that. So things changed and as it happened I looked at going self-employed anyway. Here we are down the road and I love my job (Well most days anyway!). I get to work with a variety of clients and although some of them drive me insane, I'm grateful that I get to work around caring for my boys and being the kind of mum who can be there at the end of the day to meet the at the school gates or shuffle my day around to go to assembly in the morning or things like that.

    1. How amazing that they loved what you did straight away and really valued you! I'm glad you're happy with what you're doing now and have time with your children. Everything happens for a reason! x

  6. Love this! I used to dread getting up on a morning and going to my previous job. I'm loving what I do now so much more. I'm glad you are too, even if the job change as under awkward circumstance.


    1. It makes such a difference when you enjoy what you do and don't hate going in the mornings! x

  7. Lea sounds like you struck gold in your new job and so glad it only took a few weeks! Hope it carries on going well for you xx

  8. Congrats! XX wishing you all the best in this adventure!

  9. It is very daunting starting a new job. I recently left mine having been there six years, I was also made redundant. I'm very happy where I am now though, it was the best thing to happen. I'm glad you are happier too!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. It's so difficult, especially after you've loved your previous job. Thank you lovely! x