Self care for cold nights

Cold nights are the perfect excuse to give yourself that extra touch of self care that you need. Whether it 
be taking time out, pampering yourself or having no plans. As we approach the end of the year the nights 
are getting colder and colder, as well as the early mornings! This is my favourite time of year for exactly 
that reason. I want nothing more than to come home after work, having some comfort food, getting in a 
hot bubble bath and focusing on myself for the rest of the evening. 

There are so many forms of self care, as it's completely personal to you. Whatever helps you to unwind 
and destress is self care. My form of self care is having no plans, nothing around the house or work to do, 
and focusing on my mind and body. I do a little bit of self care everyday without even realising it. 
Whether that be taking a bath, painting my toenails, having my favourite dinner or reading a book. 

My perfect self care for a cold night in would be starting off with some comfort food. I'm a fussy eater so 
although I'd love to sit down with a lovely home cooked meal every day that's not realistic for me. Whilst 
I eat I love to watch my favourite tv show as it helps me to unwind from the busy day at work. At this 
point I haven't got undressed as I plan on getting straight into the bath and catching up on social media and 
taking time for myself. Before I do that I get out the cosiest pjs I own, and take my makeup off! 

I typically spend about an hour in the bath. I scroll through social media, watch tiktok videos and talk to 
people who I haven't spoke to throughout the day, all whilst unclogging and detoxifying my skin with a 
face mask on. Follow it up with my skincare routine and cosy pjs, I will either read a book or watch a tv 
show that's on that night. As I'm up early for work and am constantly in a work mindset I try to get into 
bed and get a good nights sleep (which unfortunately never happens). 

I'm not going to sit here and claim that I do this every week or even every month, but it's something 
that I need to start doing as well as others. We need to start taking care of ourselves and having time for 
ourselves as we are the most important. When hearing the words 'self care' I think a lot of people 
immediately jump to a pamper night. But why? Self care is whatever works for you and there is no right 
or wrong. Self care also shouldn't be seemed as being lazy, which is often is. If you want to do this every 
night then go ahead. That's the beauty of self care; its for you and only you. 



  1. lock every door is such a great read! :) thank you for sharing these selfcare suggestions. i'm a sucker for extra me time this time of year.

    1. I'm part of a book club and it's this months read, so I haven't got long left to read it x

  2. I definitely think the colder nights warrant that self care and I love your self care routine, I usually have a bath and watch TV in the evenings on these colder nights, that's my idea of self care too! x

    Lucy |

    1. Definitely agree with you! Sometimes the simplest things are what work the best x

  3. I try and plan self-care into my week to make sure I don't get burnt out and this time of year really is perfect bath/book/chill weather!
    Amy x

    1. It's such an important time. Everyone needs to focus on it more x

  4. I defo need to do self care at least once a week but I like to do what you’ve mentioned! I love lighting my fire, taking of my make up and getting in my pjs!

    I’m watching brassic atm and laugh my head off 🤣
    Loads of good dramas on itv too. I watch Disney too if I want to unwind. I need to start reading again too though. Xx

    1. I wish I had a fire, that sounds perfect! I keep meaning to watch and start new series, but I always end up rewatching old favourites x

  5. I put my fairy lights on and curl up with a book!

    1. I always forget about my fairy lights! Need to start putting them on more; makes the room so cosy x