Spicy subscription sites - Sunroom, Only Fans

Whilst page 3 and glamour models are slowly fading out, spicy subscription sites such as Sunroom and 
OnlyFans are sky rocketing, however they is still a lot of stigma surrounding them. At some point in 
everyones life you will have engaged with a sex/provocative worker in some way. Whether that be page 3 
and glamour models or pornstars and phone sex hotlines. Having everyday people feel empowered and 
confident enough to start a subscription site is something to be proud of not ashamed off. 

Having recently set up a 'spicy' subscription site myself, I wanted to share that it's not always what it 
seems and is often an extension of what they are already doing and who they already are as a form to 
monetise themselves, and create revenue off their creativity.

OnlyFans is an 18+ platform which empowers creators to monetise their platform, develop connections 
and express themselves creatively. With a range of diverse creators OnlyFans pride themselves on being 
an inclusive platform, whom are working towards building a safe space for not only creators but their 
employees express themselves freely. 

OnlyFans is a safe space for creators to make a commission from doing an extension of their work. They 
take a total of 20% to cover to basic costs. Creators can earn commission through monthly subscriptions, 
content and tips and they will receive their revenue once a month at the beginning of every month. 

Sunroom is designed for women and non-binary creators to monetise their content in a safe environment. 
There are 3 ways for creators to earn revenue; monthly subscriptions, tips and reactions. You can like,  
comment and send messages to creators whilst they earn a small commission. Tips and benefits send the 
creator a larger commission to increase their revenue which is received once a week. Sunroom features 
anti-screenshot technology, named sunblock, which allows you to keep your content private and only for 
those who subscribe!

Whether you are wanting to post thirst traps or talk about vulnerable/taboo topics, Sunroom is a safe 
space for that. Sunroom is monitored by women for women as a controlled and decimated to space to 
freely express themselves. Creators receive a total of 80% of their earnings, and Sunroom takes a 20% 
commission which overs hosting, payment process, support and additional services. 

For a few years I've been asked about having and OnlyFans account and it has been something I've 
been contemplating, but was hesitant due to the stigma surrounding spicy subscription sites. I came 
across Sunroom after seeing another creator promote hers and after seeing reading their message and 
familiarising myself with their website, I didn't hesitate to start my own. What stood out to me at 
first was the difference in colours. Although this sounds like a minute detail it gives a strong first 
impression that is inviting rather than something clinical looking. 

I enjoy that Sunroom isn't as popular as OnlyFans because it gives me a better connection with those who 
have subscribed for a more personal touch. I enjoy that everything is customisable from monthly fee, 
benefits and tips all whilst having full creativity and freedom to express myself. With Sunroom you aren't 
allowed to do full frontal nudity. Boobs, bums, teasing, nipples etc are all allowed which is something that 
made me feel more comfortable and less pressured into doing something that I didn't want to do. My 
Sunroom is an extension of the content I already post and topics I already talk about, but allows me to not 
sensitise myself and be ashamed of what I am posting. 

For over 4 years I have been posting sensual selfies and talking about sex which is why all of this felt so 
natural to me. Sex and self condense isn't something that you should feel ashamed off but is something 
that you should embrace, which is exactly what I am doing. If you are interested in seeing more of my 
content and support alongside my journey, then you can subscribe here the same price as monthly 
Netflix fee. If you subscribe via the web you will save an additional £3.99! 



  1. Even though joining or using OnlyFans isn't something I would consider, I can see the reasons why people would! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. It's such an empowering feeling and one that is so hard to explain x

  2. Good for you girl! Love this for you! I watched a documentary recently about the rise in spicy subscriptions, it was SO interesting! It gave a really good insight into the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. X

    1. Thank you! I watched the one that Olivia Atwood did and it gave a great insight into the realities of it x