Birthday book haul

I am so glad that I got back into reading and owe all of that to Sara Cate (read my review of her series 
here). I'm slowly increasing the amount I read and changing genres with what I read also! My reading 
tastes have changed as I've gotten older and discovered new things, which means that my Wishlist is either 
spicy romance or TikTok favourites. After joining a birthday spinoff of the bookclub I am and March 
being my birthday month, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only share what I was lucky 
enough to receive this month but also shine some light on the bookclub I am a part off!

In 2021 I became part of That Bookish Club which is a book club featuring people from all over who 
share the same interest of reading! Every month they have a new book to read followed by a live show to 
discuss the book. Although I've been a part of the book club for over 3 years, and have purchased 95% off 
the monthly books, I'm actually yet to read one of them. Not because I'm not interested but I'm a huge 
mood reader and if I'm not interested in that book at the moment, I can't force myself to read it. Although I 
really want to start taking part in the monthly book picks so I have something to look forward too and can 
take part in. I love the community that they have set up and how they always have spin off gift givings 
organised. I take part in all of the 'secret santa's' throughout the year and when I saw that they were doing 
a year long version I obviously had to be included. The birthday bookish club, features 12 people (one per 
month) and each month you send whoever's month it is a bookish gift up to £15. As it was my birthday month I obviously picked up some for myself but didn't realise quite how many until this post! 



A huge thank you to everyone who sent me a book and gift for my birthday, even if we are apart of a specific book giving group, I am forever grateful. I can't wait to add these to my shelf and get reading! 



  1. These sound like great books to read lovely! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Losers is one I've read and I recommend it for when you've got a spare few minutes, a really easy fun read!


  3. I absolutely love a good book haul, and am working my way through my latest purchases too! It's great that people sent books for your birthday too (I think I will do that for mine at the end of the year). It looks like you have some great titles wo work your way through—enjoy!

    1. So many to choose from! Don't know where to start x

  4. Oh wow! The bookish club sounds great! I love that idea. You've got some fab books here too. I love how colourful everything looks together.

    1. I highly recommend joining! I'm definitely guilty of judging a book by it's cover, so colour makes a huge impression x

  5. The very fact that I haven't read any of these titles is giving me anxiety! Ooooh I need to get on with my TBR xx

    1. So grateful to have them on my TBR after being on my Wishlist for so long! x

  6. So many good picks here, I love getting a new book!