The Salacious Players Club book review

For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed reading even if it hasn't been consistent. My reading tastes 
have changed as I've gotten older but I finally feel happy with what I'm reading. I still enjoy reading YA 
and am looking forward to reading cosy mystery and thrillers. However my recent discovery of spicy, 
smut dark romance has me in a chokehold! Being a huge sex love and advocate, I can't believe it has taken 
me this long. There have been 2 series I've loved, but The Salacious Players Club is by far my favourite!

These books may be triggering for some readers including topics such as; BDSM, age gap, 
transphobia, drug and alcohol use, suicide, parental death, cancer, impact play and violence. 
For more information on the trigger warnings please read here.  

Welcome to The Salacious Players Club where the rules are simple and the players are shameless. 
Following the kinky desires of Emerson, Grant, Hunter and Maggie in a collection of interconnected
 stand alones that are guaranteed to be a little twisted, forbidden and very salacious. 

"She's a good girl, but she's falling for the wrong men"

Charlie is broken down from her emotionally neglectful ex boyfriend and wants someone to tell 
her she's good enough. She finds herself stumbling into a new job with a boss who brings her to her 
knees ... literally. As an owner of The Salacious Players Club Emerson Grant isn't shy about what he 
wants and his particular tastes. 

When he mistakes Charlie for a candidate to be his submissive instead of his sons ex girlfriend, he tries
 to correct the situation but finds himself offering Charlie a job as his secretary. Now Charlie has had a 
glimpse of what can happen when she's honest about what she wants, she makes it clear that all she wants 
is Emerson. He might be her ex boyfriends dad and twice her age but he's the only man who can give her 
everything she desires. 

"He's a voyeur - it means he likes to watch"

In Garett Porter's line of work being a voyeur is a gift. Being one of the owners of The Salacious Players 
Club he's comfortable on the sidelines and has always felt like he works best alone. That is until he finds 
himself on a cam girl app watching the one person he should stay away from ... his step sister, Mia Harris. 
But there is three big problems with this.

1 - Garett and Mia can't stand each other 
2 - Mia has no idea he's the man on the other end of the video
3 - He's hooked on the app ... and on her

Mia has awakened something in Garett. She has him wanting and doing things he would never do again, 
like getting attached. He's falling for her and she's falling for the man he's pretending to be. If he's going to 
do this right, he has to do more than just watch. 

"They call him a scoundrel. A playboy"

Drake Neilson gets around and he's not afraid to admit it. So when his best friend opens The Salacious 
Players Club and is asked to be head of construction, he jumps at the idea. Now travelling around the 
country with his best friend and his wife to get inspiration and network for the club. Drake finds himself in  
a demonstration at a new club with his best friends wife that he never saw coming. His best friend, Hunter, 
then asks him to sleep with his wife, Isabel, whilst he watches. 

Drake would do anything for Hunter and Isabel but this is a request he should turn down. Isabel is the 
women of Drakes dreams, but she belongs to his best friend, and is the exact reason he should say no. But 
instead he says yes, because it's not only Isabel that Drake wants! It's time Drake shows Hunter just how 
much he'll do for him, and why.

"She doesn't want to hurt him. She just wants to punish him"

Maggie Anderson thought her life was hard enough, being the only female owner of The Salacious Players 
Club. As the club began to grow and grow she felt more on the outskirts, being the only one without a 
kink. Or so she thought. After taking a kink quiz, and learns she's a domme she realises she isn't as vanilla 
as she thought, but Maggie doesn't know how to be a domme. Well she didn't until the app matched her 
with a someone willing to learn. There's one problem. He's too young, too stubborn, too good looking but 
to top it off it's her business partners, Emerson Grant's son. 

Beau Grant is a brat and Maggie would hate it if she didn't love to punish him so much. Beau is 
misunderstood, self-less and in need of affection. If it's mercy he is after, then it's mercy he will 
have to earn it first. Maggie finally knows what she wants and she is ready to get it. 

"He's not just rich. He's filthy rich"

When Daisy Bennett finds herself working at The Salacious Players Club as a waitress she never expects 
to find herself on the auction block to go on a date with the highest bidder, especially when she only took 
the waitressing job to get more information on a mystery man from her moms past - Ronan Kade. When 
Ronan, the richest man at the club wins the date, Daisy can't say no. But he's too old, too rich, too cocky 
and once dated her mom.

Ronan knows there is something about Daisy that he can't get enough off, but has no idea who Daisy is or 
why they have an undeniable connection. All he knows is he loves the way Daisy calls him 'daddy'. One 
date leads to more and bachelor Ronan is ready to put his love on the line, but both him and Daisy need to 
be honest about their secrets if they finally want something real.

"They think they know her, but they don't"

As a professional domme, Eden see's men and women come and go, but no-one sticks around and she 
likes it that way. Eden has a secret to protect, at all costs. When Clay Bradley weasels his way into her 
heart, she does the one thing she does best. Push him away, forever. Like the good boy he is, Clay listens. 

Months later, during a chance encounter, Clay shows up again. But he's not alone. The beautiful Jade is on 
his own, and she has a request. She wants Eden to teach her how to be a domme. Teaching a women who 
makes Eden's knees weak is bad enough, but she's also dating the man who still has her heart. The 
situation is made worse by them knowing her secret, but they won't let go. Jade and Clay are the only 
ones who truly know who Eden is, but she's so much more than a Madame. 

If you are interested in getting into smutty books or simply haven't read this series, I highly recommend 
starting with these. Although I have favourites these have all been 5 star reads and are constantly on my 
mind. I believe these might even be some of my all time favourites books!



  1. I haven't heard of this book series before, but I do like the sound of them! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. It's amazing you've found 5 star reads, it's so magical and rare when that happens!

    Corinne x

  3. Ooh what a great series! Love it when something gets you like this. I've not heard of these books before, but they sound fab!