Tattoos - why they don't need to mean anything

Growing up I was always surrounded by people and family who had lots of tattoos. Since I was 
about 11 I had a bunch of tattoos in mind that I wanted to get - thankfully you aren't allowed until 
you're 18 otherwise I'd have a lot of regrets. About a year before my 18th birthday I started to 
seriously think about the designs that I liked and wanted. My first 3 tattoos all had some meaning 
to them, but after that I started getting tattoos that I liked rather than those that had meaning. 

Out of my 15 tattoos that I have I only regret 1. Not because of the tattoo but just because I wish I 
went to a different tattooist and chose a different font. A lot of my tattoos were all done on impulse 
but that made a fun story to tell and all were of designs that I loved and saw as art pieces. 

In my personal life I often get asked what this or that tattoo means and for the majority of I don't 
have any reasoning behind them. A lot of people who ask are those who have tattoos. Those who 
ask and don't have tattoos become more curious and wonder why I have a dinosaur tattoo and 
why they don't all have meaning to them. 

My answer for them is that I look at tattoos and my tattoos in particular as extended 
versions of myself and as art. If I like something enough and for a significant amount of 
time then I will get it tattooed on me.

I definitely don't think tattoos have to have meaning to them, but those that do are fine too. I love my 
tattoos with meaning just as much as I love those without meaning. Since having my first tattoo 2 
years ago, I still love it just as much as when I first decided I wanted it done. I love that it represents
 a part of my childhood but in a fun and different way, as well as being done by my dad. Each tattoo 
represents a meaning, a time in my life, a design I love or a story to tell.

If you want to see a more in-depth post on my tattoos you can read that blog post here. However I 
have got since got about 6 new tattoos. If you want to see an updated post then comment down below.