Planning and organising

Organising and planning is something that is second nature to me and a hobby that I am obsessed with. I've come to realise that not everybody organises by basic nature and also that a lot of people don't know where to start in connection to organising. Since this is such a huge love of mine I wanted to share some tips on how to plan and get organised in your everyday life and in 2019.

Get yourself a planner
The best thing I ever did to get organised is to buy myself a planner. Don't get me wrong, I've always been a huge organiser, especially since I have mild ocd , but buying a planner 5 years ago has helped me. Having a place to write down your thoughts, things to do, your dinner and finances helps not only keep track and see everything in one place but also empty your head and feel less stressed. 

Day Designer - Although this planner is quite expensive I definitely think it is worth it. For the last 
2 years I've been using The Happiness Planner but I wanted to switch it up this year. I chose the 
Day Designer planner because I liked the element of having a large to do list as well as the day in hours. Planners are something that I choose to spend my money on and this has been my favourite planner to use in the last 5 years. I can't wait to use it for the rest of 2019.

Make your bed everyday
Although this is quite obvious and relatively simple its' one that is the most effective and the step
that makes me feel the most organised. Your bed is the main focal point of your room and if you leave it unmade and messy then you will most likely find yourself feeling that same way. 

Make it fun - use stickers
Using stickers in my planner has changed my life. I love writing in my planner and writing in general but making it fun with stickers actually makes me get them done and tick them off my to-do list. My favourite use are from CRGARTDESIGN because they are super cute but also simple. You can use my discount code; leamaicarter for 20% your entire order. 

Colour code
Colour coding is something that I've only just started doing but one that has made such a huge difference. You can colour code in your daily or weekly view but I choose to do this in my monthly view so I can have a quick glance at my appointments, birthdays or work etc, based upon a colour. 

Create lists
This is another basic and obvious one, but if you don't do this already and you want to take something away from this post then I would 100% recommend that you do this. Start by writing down obvious tasks such as; wake up, bathe, have food, brush teeth. Ticking these off will make you feel productive even though you do them without thinking. Then slowly add more tasks that you don't want to do or things you have to do throughout the day to make sure that they actually get done.


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