Books I've read so far in 2024 - part 1

I am so happy that I fell back in love with reading. So far this year I have read 9 books, which isn't as 
many as I'd like but for my goal of reading 24 books this year, I'm 2 books ahead of schedule according 
to Goodreads. All the books I've read fall in spicy romance genre and has quickly become my favourite 
genre to read from. As a mood reader, I can't force myself to read if I'm not feeling it, however I have 
been pushing myself more as I find reading to be great to unwind and relax after a long and busy day. 

What happens when an impatient billionaire who is used to getting everything he wants becomes obsessed 
with a women who served him coffee? He stalks her, obviously. Then he manipulates the circumstances in 
order to get close to her. He is determined to do whatever it take to make her his.

I don't to hide behind a mask anymore. I rule New York and now all I have to do is finish what I started 
10 years ago. Destroy the man who took my life from me. No one can get in my way. That is until I'm 
arrested for murder and have my first taste of detective Zara O'Reilly. The women who is hell bent on 
ruining my plans. She thinks I don't know that she watches my every move waiting to drag my back to 
prison. She can pretend I'm the enemy but in reality she craves me as much as I do her. No matter how 
much we both fight it. My stalker becomes my obsession. She doesn't realise the power she holds, not 
only over me but the city. Together we will be unstoppable, if she lets me break her.

Maggie Anderson thought her life was hard enough, being the only female owner of The Salacious Players 
Club. As the club began to grow and a grow she felt more on the outskirts, being the only one without a 
kink. Or so she thought. After taking a kink quiz, and learns she's a domme, she realises she isn't as vanilla 
as she thought. But Maggie doesn't know how to be a domme. Well she didn't until the app matched her 
with someone willing to learn. There's one problem. He's too young, too stubborn, too good looking but to 
top it off it's her business partners, Emerson Grant's son. 

Beau Grant is a brat and Maggie would hate it if she didn't love to punish him so much. Beau is 
misunderstood, self-less and in need of affection. If it's mercy he is after, then it's mercy he will 
have to earn. Maggie finally knows what she wants and she is ready to get it. 

When Daisy Bennett finds herself working at The Salacious Players Club as a waitress she never expects 
to find herself on the auction block to go on a date with the highest bidder, especially when she only took 
the waitressing job to get more information on a mystery man from her moms past - Ronan Kade. When 
Ronan, the richest man at the club wins the date, Daisy can't say no. But he's too old, too rich, too cocky 
and once dated her mom. 

Ronan knows there is something about Daisy that he can't get enough off, but has no idea who Daisy is or 
why they have an undeniable connection. All he knows is he loves he way Daisy calls him 'daddy'. One 
date leads to more and bachelor Ronan is ready to put his love on the line, but both him and Daisy need to 
be honest about their secrets if they finally want something real. 

As a professional domme, Eden see's men and women come and go, but no-one sticks around and 
she likes it that way. Eden has a secret to protect, at all costs. When Clay Bradley weasels his way 
into her heart, she does the one thing she does best. Push him away, forever. Like the good boy he 
is, Clay listens. 

Months later, during a chance encounter, Clay shows up again. But he's not alone. The beautiful Jade is on 
his arm, and she has a request. She wants Eden to teach her how to be a domme. Teaching a women who 
makes Eden's knees weak is bad enough, but she's also dating the man who still has her heart. The 
situation is made worse by them knowing her secret, but they won't let go. Jade and Clay are the only 
ones who truly know who Eden is, but she's so much more than a madame. 

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She betrayed him and now he wants revenge against the foster sister who became his forbidden obsession 
the second he laid his eyes on him. After she sends him to prison for years, he's free and ready to haunt 
her. Everything about Olivia belongs to Malachi Vize. Her mind. Her body. Her soul. Her fear. Her pain. 
On halloween night, he can no longer lurk in the shadows. All he has left to own is her heart, even if needs 
to TAKE it.

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The manipulator - I can manipulate the emotions of anyone who lets me. I will make you hurt, cry, laugh 
and sigh. But my words don't affect him, especially when I plead for him to leave. He's always there, 
watching and waiting. And I can never look away, not when I want him to come closer. The shadow - I 
didn't mean to fall in love, but now I have I can't stay away. I'm mesmerised by her. Her smile, her eyes, 
the way she moves and the way she undresses. I keep watching and waiting, until I can make her mine. 
Once she is, I will never let go, even when she begs me too. 

The diamond - Death walks along me, but the repeat is no match. I'm trapped in world full of monsters 
who call themselves men, but they aren't as they seem. They won't keep my forever. I no longer recognise 
who I've become and I'm fighting to find my back to the beast who haunts me in the night. They call 
me the diamond but they've only created an angel of death. The hunger - I was born a predator with 
ruthlessness I nay bones. When what's mine is stolen from me in the night I find I can no longer contain 
the beast. Blood will paint the ground as I tear apart the world to find her and bring her back to where 
she belongs. No one will escape my wrath, especially those who have betrayed me.

As Father Magnus Falke, I suppress my cravings. I became a priest to control my impulses. As a 
headteacher of a catholic boarding school I'm never tempted my a student. Then I met Tinsley 
Constantine. The bratty princess challenges my rules and awakens my dark nature. With each 
punishment I give her, I want more. In my classroom, private rectory, bent over my altar, I want all 
of her. One touch risks everything I stand for. Not just my faith and redemption but my life. As if
 that could stop me. I need her pain and heart and she needs my lesson in sin. 

Although all books, except 3 (Her Billionaire Stalker, Haunting Adeline and Hunting Adeline) were 5 star 
reads, the two that I haven't stopped thinking about are Little Stranger and Lessons in Sin. These are taboo 
romances and have left a lasting impression on me and are books that I will definitely be rereading. I have 
definitely found my a genre that works for me and I can't wait to see what other books I read in 2024. 



  1. These sound like great books you've read so far in 2024. It's a shame that those three books in particular didn't live up to expectations! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Definitely found some all time favourites! It's a shame when books are overhyped but I'm glad there's an audience for them somewhere x

  2. Lessons in sin sounds super intense! I'm glad you've managed to find so many goodies.

  3. You've read so many already! Madame is on my list too