Makeup I've been loving recently

Over the last couple of months I've purchased a lot of makeup, blog post here, which has lead to me 
rediscovering my love for it. I've found some new favourites that I don't know how I did my makeup 
before. I love writing about my current favourite makeup, because as the years go on you can see 
growth within my own taste but also within what's popular and trending at the time. At the moment,
 I think creme products are becoming more loved as well as simple yet bold artistic eye looks. 

I have been a huge lover of the original ELF putty primer since 2019 (blog post here). Over the last few 
years, they've added a matte, luminous and finally a blemish fighting version to the collection. I have tried
the luminous putty primer, but wasn't the biggest fan as although it filled in my pores it also enhanced 
them. When I saw that they had released a blemish fighting putty primer, I knew I had to pick it up. My 
acne has significantly reduced over the last few years but I do still suffer with the odd blemish, as well as 
red skin. This primer contains salicylic acid to target blemishes as well as the green tint to reduce redness. 
This is super creamy and glides effortlessly over my pores, filling them in for a smooth and flawless base. 

Pot concealers are something I've never been a big fan off as find them to be thick and cakey whilst 
enhancing the imperfections on your skin. I recently heard Sophdoeslife talk about how this concealer 
was a dupe for the Glossier stretch concealer and since this is over a third of the price, I decided to pick
 it up. This is super creamy and nourishing on the skin, which helps it to blend out easily to cover any 
imperfections. I have loved to use this under my foundation to spot correct any small blemishes and 
redness to give a flawless airbrushed finish. 

Purchasing new foundations has been a weakness of mine recently, and when I was away for the weekend 
I decided to take a pit stop in Boots and I noticed that they had a lot of American brands that we don't 
usually get here. Since my local Boots doesn't stock a wide variety of brands, I jumped at the chance of 
stocking up on some Wishlist items. The Wet n Wild photo focus foundation is one I've heard nothing but 
amazing reviews about over the last few years, and since trying it out I've fell head over heels. This is 
medium to full coverage but easily buildable and is by fair the most dewy and luminous foundation I
 own, and since I have dry skin this is perfect. The finish and coverage is beautiful without feeling thick
 of heavy on my skin whilst also not looking oily throughout the day. 

TikTok has become a huge weakness of mine lately, especially the beauty community. I have purchased so 
much makeup based on people's recommendations and have even more on my Wishlist. I recently picked 
up some makeup products from Primark after hearing Amelia Oliva rave about them, one being the loose 
blurring powder. This is a super fine translucent powder that sets and blurs your base for a flawless finish. 
As it is a finely milled powder it doesn't cling to any dry areas making it look cakey. This is also perfect 
for baking and carving out your cheek bones for a more intense contour.

Creme products are something that have never worked for me (most likely because I was doing something 
wrong). However in one of the recent PR parcels from Tarte, they sent their new breezy creme bronzer 
which is stunning. Since I have loved every Tarte product I've been lucky enough to try, I put my faith in 
this and I haven't gone back since. This applies easily and blends out like a dream, giving you the perfect 
sunkissed glow. I apply this after my foundation, before my concealer and powder so there is no 
cakeyness, before lightly setting it with my Essence matt bronzer to make sure it lasts all day long. 

Once I have found a brow pencil that works for me, I rarely stray away from it. I recently picked up the 
baby got back brow pencil from Essence and haven't used anything else since. This is the perfect texture, 
that doesn't apply too thick and give the appearance of a heavy brow or too tough and drag the skin. 
The small pencil allows you to have full control and create hair like strokes to your desire. 

As well as falling in love with creme bronzer I've been loving a bolder blush. Over the summer I started 
gravitating towards more peachy pink tones for a pop of colour whilst also trying to try and warm up my 
complexion, since I am on the more fair side. I love the Loreal life's a peach blush and the melon dollar 
baby blush more so, since it's a beautiful baby fuchsia that compliments any makeup look. 

What is your current favourite makeup product?


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


  1. Can you believe, I've still not tried anything from Wet N Wild?!


    1. I haven't tried a lot, but I definitely recommend them and can't wait to try more after this x