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This is a product only AD with Mela Comfort

As most of you will know I suffer with quite a few mental health issues such as; anxiety and depression 
but I am also autistic. I am constantly yon the hunt for new techniques and tricks to help me relax and 
unwind. For years I've been hearing positive reviews of people with mental health issues using a weighted 
blanket, so when I got the chance to try one out for myself, there was no way I was turning down the 
opportunity. Mela Comfort is a high quality well known brand, that I knew I would fall in love with! 

Mela Comfort is an multi-award winning brand helping to create premium products for a better nights 
sleep. Their hero product has been featured in; Forbes, GQ, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and many more. 
They have also won 'best weighted blanket' by The Evening Standard in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Priding 
themselves on their quality and values to promote a well rested sleep for everyone. With each sale
Mela Comfort donate a percentage of their profits to their charity partners as well as paying to protect 25 
trees in the Amazon Rainforest with each individual sale that is made. 

A weighted blanket is more complex than a regular quilt or duvet as they typically contain several layers 
weighing between 4-30lbs, depending on the blanket. The outer of the blanket is a soft luxury fabric 
such as; fleece, bamboo and even 100% cotton to help keep you cooler. The inner section of the blanket 
is made up of a combination of various materials such as; stones, sand, rice, wheat or plastic depending 
on the blanket. This can be used without a cover to also help reduce heat for a cooler nights sleep. The 
blanket itself evenly distributes weight by being stitched into small individual pockets as well as a thin 
layer of padding for maximum comfort. You can follow the care instructions that are provided on the 
proper care for washing your weighted blanket.

The basic answer to this question is; 'everyone'. Anyone who wants to try out a weighted blanket can, 
including children, there is no specific answer. The Mela Comfort weighted blanket concept originated 
with treatment for people with a sensory processing disorder such as autism in mind, as they suffer from 
anxiety. Over the years they have also been used by people with; depression, ptsd, insomnia, Tourettes, 
insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. 

When ordering on the Mela Comfort website you can find the appropriate size and weight 
for your body, depending on whether it's going to be used for an adult or child. For optimum 
results the blanket should be roughly 8%-12% of the persons body weight. 

A weighted blanket is designed to give the feeling of being held, tucked in tightly or swaddled as the 
physical connection helps you to feel warm and safe in order for your body to relax. Studies have shown 
that using a weighted blanket can help to improve oxytocin by slowing down the heart and blood pressure 
to help you relax, boost your serotonin which helps with anxiety and depression and release melatonin to 
promote sleep and help regulate your sleep cycle.  

I received this about 8 weeks ago and due to the hot weather, I haven't used it as much as I would like. 
However the few times that I have used it has made such a difference to my quality of sleep. The first time 
using this was a shock as it took some time to get used to the extra weight. The added weight helps me 
feel safe and secure like a nice hug. I had better nights sleep and after getting used to the added weight, I 
felt immediately more relaxed and calm.  

I was kindly sent a king size original weighted blanket weighing 9kg and retailing for £150. A high 
quality weighted blanket is definitely an investment purchase and is something that you should take into 
consideration. The true question is would I recommend this to others and would I purchase it for myself, 
and the answer is yes. I think the benefits out way the high price tag, making it well and truly with it. 


This is an product only AD in partnership with Mela Comfort. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I really wanted to try a weighted blanket! Heard such good things.

    Gemma Louise

    1. So amazing! Especially looking forward to the colder weather with it x

  2. I've wanted a weighted blanket for ages! I've only heard things. That'll be my first Autumn purchase I think!


    1. They're amazing! Currently got a £25 off all their weighted blankets offer on too x