Is the ELF putty primer worth it?

I've had my eyes on the ELF putty primer for months, but it's been sold out ever since Jeffree Star 
featured it in a video back in March. Immediately it was sold out on their website as well as in 
Superdrug and was never seen in stores. When a product is this hyped about it makes me want to try 
even more, and since it's loved by the one and only Jeffree Star I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Straight away this was compared to the Tatcha silk canvas protective primer which retails for £52. 
When 2 products are compared to one another with a price difference of £44, it's already worth trying 
out. Thankfully when I went out a few weeks ago I stopped in a Superdrug and found the last primer 
on the shelf. I snatched it of the shelf so quickly, I'm surprised I didn't knock the stand over! Since I 
don't have the Tatcha silk canvas protective primer to compare it to, I can only see if it's worth all the 
hype, reviews and praise it's been getting online and by the media.

At first glance it looks like you get a lot more product than you think, possibly because this is in a 
round pot rather than a bottle or tube. You get 21g/41ml which is 11ml more than a regular primer. I 
also didn't know what to expect when it came to the consistency as it's a putty. I originally thought it 
was either going to be really thick and hard or too soft, however it's perfectly in the middle.

I've seen people use this in a few ways. Whether than be using their nail to 'dig' some of the primer 
out of rubbing their fingers on the top to pick it up and blend it onto their skin. I decided to try it out 
both ways to see if the application made a difference to how my makeup looked and lasted all day.

By using your finger and rubbing the top to get some product of the primer is being warmed up and 
becoming more of a liquid, due to the heat from your skin. This allows for minimal product to be 
picked up and applied to the skin, whilst also sitting on top of the skin rather than filling in your 
pores. When using your nail or a makeup tool to 'dig' some of the primer out, you pick up a lot more 
than what is needed and end up wasting a lot of product. However when done like this it's a lot easier 
to apply to the skin and actually fill your pores as you have a greater amount of product. 

I somehow mix the 2 together to get my perfect application. I like to use the warmth from my 
fingertips to heat the primer and melt it ever so slightly and then using my fingertip I push down to 
pick more up. I then dot some on either cheek, nose, chin and the centre of my forehead. Some people 
may like to blend this out using a makeup sponge or even a brush, however I definitely prefer to use 
my fingers. It helps the primer to sink into the skin and fill out an pores, fine lines or imperfections 
that you may have, allowing for you makeup to apply evenly on top and last all day long. I expected this to be quite drying on the skin, due to poreless however it's really smooth and doesn't dry out the skin at all and I can already see a difference in my pores before I put on any foundation. 

After using this for a few weeks, and getting to try it in different ways I would 100% worth it. 
Not because it's loved by Jeffree Star and the media or because it's completely sold out everywhere
 or even because it's a 'dupe' for a high end product. Instead I would recommend trying this because 
there is no other primer out there like it, especially in the drugstore community. I don't love 
this because a big YouTuber does or because I think I have to in order to fit in. Instead if love
 it because it's an amazing product that is completely unique to it's field and unlike anything any
 other brand have done.



  1. I so badly wish they launched in South Africa

    Candice ||

  2. Oh this sounds so intriguing! x

    Terri // Terri Talks

  3. This sounds great! I think Stila has a similiar putty primer!

  4. Oooooh I need to get my hands on this! x

  5. Oh this sounds lovely, I haven't bought anything from ELF in ages so I'll have to try x

    Gemma Louise

    1. Me either, until this. It makes such a big difference x

  6. I don't follow Jeffree Star I must admit so I had never heard of this product nor the apparent hype around it.
    I have however purchased the Elf Bouncy Jelly Cleanser that I saw Sali Hughes feature on her guardian page.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I hadn't until he did a review on it. Heard so much about the new jelly range, need to get my hands on some of the products x