6 things I've learnt since getting tattoos

After being tattooed for over 2 years and having 18 tattoos total, there have been a lot of things I've 
learnt along the way. I've seen a lot of posts like this but never understood them until I started getting 
tattoos myself. Despite doing all your research and thinking you already know everything, it's not 
until you've had a few tattoos that you realise you didn't. I could talk all day about the things I've 
learnt since getting tattoos, but I decided to narrow it down to 6 to share with you all.

The aftercare is just as important 
The most important thing I've learnt since getting tattoos is that the aftercare and TLC is just as or 
the most important. You spend so much money getting art personalised and tattooed on your body,
 so why leave it to get infection and ugly afterwards? I use the Yayo aftercare butter.

It's ok for tattoos not to have meaning
For so many years growing up I thought every tattoo had to be super meaningful and personal to 
you. I have a handful of tattoos that have meaning and that I love, but the majority of my tattoos 
don't have any reasoning behind them and I love them just as much. Even tattoos that don't have 
any meaning behind them, are just as important because they represent a time in your life as well 
as art that you love enough to express on your body.

Your opinion and taste will change over time
I never thought before getting tattoos that I would have a love hate relationship with them. Some days 
I wake up wanting to be covered head to toe in tattoos, other times I don't want any at all. This is 
probably the reason the location of my tattoo is super important to me as if I want to I can cover them 
up. Some of my first tattoos that I got, I wish I got them in a different design and it's not necessarily 
something I would get now. Obviously tattoos are permanent, but it's fine that years later your tastes 
have changed and they're not your favourite anymore. You can always add to and change them up.

They will never look the same as they first did
As soon as you get your tattoos done they are vibrant, bold, bright and definitely stand out. Over 
time they settle into the skin more and start to fade as the years go on. 99% of the time this is nothing 
to do with the tattoo artist and due to it being done a while ago. Tattoos can also bleed out (not actual 
blood), if you gain weight and look stretched but also change size and appearance if you loose 
weight. As your body changes over the years so will your tattoos, but that is completely normal.

They start a conversation
Whether you can a huge back piece or a tiny dainty tattoo on your wrist, you'll always be asked 
questions and before you know it you're an hour deep in a conversation about tattoos. I particular 
love when this happens, especially with people who don't have tattoos because they're interested 
in a way that others aren't. If you have personal tattoos that are super meaningful just be aware 
that they will become a popular topic. My semi colon and jigsaw tattoo on my arms have become
 a popular conversation throughout my life.

They are addictive
Everyone I know who has tattoos always talk about how addictive they are. Yes they are expensive. 
Yes they hurt. But once they are completed and you get to display this incredible art on your body, 
you will already have your next appointment booked and before you know it you're getting tattooed 
every month or 2 and influencing friends and family in your life to get inked too.



  1. When I started getting tattoos I never thought of getting anything meaninful, I have ten now and only three have some sort of meaning to me. I just don't understand the pressure to make them have meanings!

    1. Me either. As long as you like them, that's all that matters x

  2. they SO are addictive aren't they hahaha x

  3. I love your tattoos, I always want more but don't know what and where x

    Joyce | www.joycelauofficial.com

    1. Thank you. I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest x

  4. I got a couple of tattoos when I first turned 18 and now I don't really like them - have considered laser removal for one of them! But yes they are definitely an addiction! x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. Your taste definitely changes over time, but I think that makes the more special x

  5. My tastes change so much all the time so I'm very reluctant to get a tattoo!

    Gemma Louise

  6. I would like a tattoo, however I am so indecisive I feel as though I could never commit to something that I love enough to have on my body.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I'm the same, but I love that with tattoos. The represent a specific time in your life x