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This is an product only AD with Wilkos

Back to school shopping was one of my favourite things to do, even though I wasn't the biggest fan 
of school itself. Despite leaving school over 4 years ago, I still buy a bunch of stationery. So many 
different brands bring out beautiful ranges of stationery including everything from pens and pencils, 
to wash tape, notebooks and even laptop accessories. One of my favourite places to shop for anything 
but especially for stationery is Wilkos. This year they have released 7 new collections ranging from 
Harry Potter and LOL to stay magic and treasured. There is a collection to suit everyone.

I started by picking up the basics. The sentiments pencil set, treasured finerliners and discovery 
pen. I love the pencil set as they have inspiring and motivational phrases on to keep you on track 
and focused to carry on. There is something so special about having that 1 perfect pen. The discovery 
pen is that for me. It's a ballpoint pen which is incredible and smooth to write with, but it's also 
fashionable and will definitely make a statement in your pencil case. You can't go back to school 
without having a pack of fineliners with you. These are the perfect way to start colour coding, 
highlighting and taking notes of your work.

If you're looking for a variety of stationery in one set or are wanting to add something extra to your 
collection the discovery stationery accessories set is perfect for you. This includes 2 pencils, a pen, 
ruler, rubber, sharper, paperclips, binder clips and washi tape. This is the ideal set for going back to 
school and is a definite must have. They also have a slightly different set in the sentiments collection.

An absolute must have when it comes to going back to school is notebooks. There is something so 
therapeutic about opening up a new notebook and writing with your favourite pen, in your neatest 
handwriting on the first page. I picked up the discovery 'don't quit' project book, which is perfect for 
separating your notes and organising for each subject. This also has lined, plain and dotted paper 
making it useful for every subject. For those lessons when you don't need a huge notebook and only 
need to take a few notes or even something to doodle in at lunch, the 3 pack discovery exercise books 
are perfect. They're the best size for putting in your school bag or even in your blazer pocket, and not 
at all heavy to carry around all day. I love each of these designs and have them for different subjects.

Once I've picked up the essentials such as pens and pencils, I head to the accessories section. I 
love finding different ways to express myself that are still simple since I'm not very creative. My 
favourite way to do this is with washi tape and the discovery washi tape set is incredible. These 
are bright and stylish and perfect for back to school. I use these to create borders for different ways 
of taking notes, as well as decorating my planner to make sure I stay organised and on top of 
everything. I also picked up the stay magic pin badges, which I pin onto my pencil case or onto my 
jacket to add some personality and creativity to my school life. My favourite item that wilko have 
released this year are the hypernatural tassel paperclips. These are such a fun twist on a otherwise 
boring item, that makes you want to do a bunch of work and get the chance to use these. They are the 
perfect mixture of an accessory and stationery that will add a fun twist to your work.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Wilko. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I haven't been into Wilko in a while but these are so cute, I'll have to pop in to have a look for some birthday bits for Ru!

    Gemma Louise

    1. I'm in there all the time. They have an incredible selection of party supplies too x

  2. Wilko is always the best to pick up some cute stationery x

    Joyce |

  3. Omg everything is so cute! Wilko always have fab stationery x

  4. I blooooody love Wilko for stationery!!! x

  5. Love Wilkos! They have some great home bits in too.

    Amy x
    The July Rose