Makeup I've recently purchased

All of a sudden I've become obsessed with makeup again after falling out of love with it for so long. I've 
been buying a lot of makeup recently and didn't realise quite how much until now. There are still a lot 
of products I want to get my hands on and try out for myself, but I've definitely got a long list of new 
produces to use and keep myself busy until then!

I have become so obsessed with primers and foundations recently. After having to split them from 1 
drawer in my makeup collection into 2 separate ones, I've gone a bit crazy. There are so many amazing 
foundations that I used to love and decided to repurchase such as; Revlon colourstay, Maybelline 
superstay and both the serum and coverage foundation from The Ordinary. Unfortunately despite all
 of many foundations and primers I've purchased recently, there are still a few more on my Wishlist which 
I'm hoping to get my hands on very soon.  

My entire makeup look and desire has changed recently and I'm loving a more intense blush and bronzer 
for a sunkissed effect which is perfect this summer. I've also been loving to try and test out more creme 
products after falling in love with Tarte breezy cream bronzer*. Creme products sink into your skin and 
blend out effortlessly for a more cohesive and effortless finish thats looks beyond stunning. 

I've definitely neglected picking up new products for my eyes and brows, after focusing so much on my 
base and cheek products. However after becoming obsessed with Mikayla Nogueira on TikTok I had 
to pick up her favourite Essence mascara's and I am so excited to give them a go. She's one of the few 
people that I trust with makeup tips and recommendations along with Issy Oakley and Amelia Olivia.



  1. I love that feeling of playing with makeup again after a break! Enjoy your haul x

    Steff |

  2. I've been on a make up spending ban this year to try to use the stuff I've already got so this post is killllling me!

    1. I hadn't purchased anything in so long, and this post proves it! x

  3. This is so helpful! I never know what to try, particularly with base products, so you've given me a great idea of what might be worth playing with! If only I had the funds to go on a haul as unreal as this one!
    Beth x Stand Out Scotland

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you got some new ideas for makeup x