Anxiety techniques

A constant battle for a lot of people is struggling with anxiety. I have been battling with anxiety for about 
10 years and finding techniques that work for me is constantly evolving. I have found things that work 
perfectly for me and others that made my anxiety worse, but that's fine. If I didn't try then I would never 
know. Mental health is a struggle but is also a learning curve, which is why I wanted to share this post to 
give an insight in what works for me in the hopes that it helps others. 

This is more if you are having an anxiety or panic attack, but controlling your breathing is key. Doing 
deep inhale and exhale exercise to regulate you breath, to feel calmer, distract you and help to focus
 on other things rather than the anxiety or panic attack itself. If you can feel yourself getting worked
 up and your anxiety increasing, start to control your breathing before it progresses further. 

Writing down your worries, concerns and anything on your mind, will take a huge weight of your 
shoulders. Over the last few weeks I've been feeling heavy and crowded with anxiety in regards to things
 I need to do, money, work and my personal life, and every time I write it down. I simply write a list of 
everything on my mind, no matter how big or small, whether it's something I need to do or my partner 
or something I want to look at online. This has and always will make me feel 10x better immediately. 

Social media is an amazing place as we can be creative and express ourselves as well as giving us the 
opportunities to connect with new people all around the world. However it's also filled with negative 
news, drama and the idea that our lives aren't as 'perfect' as everyone else's. We are constantly reaching 
for our phones when we are bored or doing other things, simply putting it on the other side of the room
 or switching off social media for as little as an hour can make a huge difference with your anxiety. 

This almost contradicts the previous point, but social media and your favourite tv show are very different. 
Putting on your favourite tv show or film works as a distraction as you are focusing all your attention on 
something else, more importantly something else that brings your joy, rather than your anxiety.

A huge part of my anxiety is connected to my OCD and the need for wanting my home tidy and 
everything put away. If my anxiety surrounding that is really high, I love to get in a bubble bath. It allows 
me to close the door (literally) and switch away from the 'mess' and let my anxiety float away. I will run a 
deep bath with lots of bubbles and lay there watching TikTok's to let the time pass, and when I come out I 
immediately feel relaxed and my anxiety is reduced. 

Using a weighted blanket is something that is new to me. They are proven to help reduce anxiety, 
insomnia, Tourettes and many more, to give you a better nights sleep by working as a therapy blanket. 
Providing gentle warmth and pressure on the body to give the feeling of being held and push you to a 
more relaxed state. Full blog post all about weighted blankets coming soon. 

The simplest anxiety technique is talking to someone. Getting all your worries and concerns off your chest  
is the best thing you can do. There are so many people you can talk to including; friends and family as 
well as a professional. Another person will help you to offload everything that is worrying you whilst 
getting another perspective on the situation and advice on what to do and how to work through it. 



  1. Taking time off of social media and writing down my inner thoughts is my way of coping with anxious and worried feelings!

    1. Can feel the physical weight lift of your shoulders x

  2. Breathing control works wonders - always helps me loads, just about trying to focus on the reality!

    Gemma Louise