Top 5 skincare items

The secret to a long lasting flawless makeup look isn't just about the makeup, but the skincare routine 
you have established. I own way too much skincare but there are definite favourites and since skincare 
is such a crucial part of anyones beauty routine I wanted to share my top 5 favourite items as a reminded 
to not only stick to your daily skincare routine but possibly give you some motivation if you're looking 
for new products to try out!

I've been raving about this serum for what feels like years, and rightfully so. This is my favourite and go 
to serum as it leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing. Containing hyaluronic acid to help target fine 
lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, blemishes, pores and imperfections all whilst locking in moisture. 

Other than a serum, using a toner is my favourite step. Removing left over makeup and dirt from the 
skin after cleaning, whilst giving a refreshing boost. This glycolic exfoliating toner helps to exfoliate 
the surface of the skin to give a more even tone and texture, brighten and improve hydration. 

This is a concentrated oil booster smoothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin whilst reviving dryness and 
reinforcing the barrier against future irritation. I love to combine this together with my moisturiser, which 
has left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and refreshing as well as looking healthier than ever. 

An award-winning skincare item is a must but especially when it's a multipurpose product. This balm is 
enriched with papaya fruit, olive oil and aloe vera to hydrate and nourish the skin, body and hair. This can 
be used to smooth eyebrows, separate lashes and give a dewy finish to your makeup as well as ease burns, 
prevent scarring, repair split ends and so much more! You truly cannot go wrong with this product. 

For years I have loved this face mask and have purchased countless tubes. Although this is only meant 
to be left on for 3 minutes, I like to leave it until it is fully dry for maximum results. For only £1.50 this 
clears up any blemishes and imperfections on my skin, almost immediately and leaves my skin looking 
and feeling smooth, refreshed and hydrated. 

What is your favourite skincare item?


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


  1. Dr PawPaw is defo one of my go-to items. I worked with them years ago and ever since I've been a loyal consumer!

    1. I own all their multipurpose balms because I love them that much x

  2. I love the Boots cucumber range, I haven't bought anything from it in too long!

    Gemma Louise

    1. I need to check more out from them, especially since the mask is so incredible x