Switching off and unwinding


As we get older it becomes harder to admit that we need time to switch off and have time to ourselves as 
we feel the need to make the most of our lives and the time we have. Making the most our time doesn't 
mean we have to constantly be on the go being as productive as possible. Switching off and unwinding is 
important for our mental health and having that time to ourselves to do absolutely nothing, and we 
shouldn't be made to feel guilty or ashamed about it. 

Actually taking time for yourself and having no plans is so important. If you work and have a day off, it 
can be overwhelming was you want to make the most of it, get things done and meet up with friends and 
family. Obviously there is nothing wrong with being busy on your days off and, but time to relax and 
having some self care is important too. 

Recently my life has become pretty hectic, or so it feels like. Due to some changes my life has come to a 
stop and I've found myself with more time than ever before. Although I'm not having to make the most of 
my days off and time alone, I'm still having to make sure that I have that time where I switch off from 
things and unwind. Time where I put my phone and laptop away to watch a new tv show or read a book, 
submerge myself in a deep hot bubble bath or organise my flat. 

Lockdown and Covid have taught us that life is too short. Make the most of experiences and making 
memories but don't forget yourself and how important you are. Physical and mental health is more 
important than ever. Take that time out for yourself. Set an hour aside each day, or a few hours a week to 
have purely alone with no distractions. Get into a routine with it and don't take it for granted. However 
don't feel guilty if there comes a time or day where you can't do it, and you've done nothing but be on the 
go for hours on end. Life is a journey and no 2 days will ever be the same. 



  1. It’s so important to make time for yourself. I say at least a hour a day for me time is a good amount. I always feel much better when I put my phone down for a while as well!


    1. The busier your everyday life is, the more important it is to have time alone x

  2. Taking time to switch off is AS important as being full speed ahead. It takes a long time to get there but it is soo important!


  3. It's definitely so important to have down time, I've really taken that on board this year!

    Gemma Louise