My new favourite skincare routine

Skincare has always been an important thing in my life, but it wasn't until recently that I realised how 
stripping back the amount of products you put on your face, can make an even bigger difference than 
using loads. I only use 4 products on my face and can't recommend them enough. My routine has 
become more simplistic and eco friendly over the last few years, and I've noticed a huge difference in 
my skin, but also how much wastage I used to have.

About 4 years ago I stopped buying and using face wipes. I was going through 5-6 wipes just to 
remove my makeup, and I was having to buy so many packs a month because of how much I was 
using. I then swapped over to Garnier micellar water (which I still own and love), as it was better and 
gentler on my skin, but then I was making even more waste from cotton pads. I tried out a few more 
products including the NSPA cleansing oil (I do still love this) and the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanse and 
polish, but I finally found my match in February and improved upon that in August. 

I used to pile products on my face and I was constantly wondering why it wasn't improving. I had 3 
sessions of microdermabrasion done earlier this year and knew I had to change something. Thats 
when I found the Face Halo. It has changed my skincare routine completely. The Face Halo has 
special one of a kind fibres that work with just water alone to remove your makeup. This is super soft 
on the skin and doesn't require and scrubbing or rubbing to remove your makeup. I used to use so 
many different products to get the majority of my makeup of and now I can do that with this one 
product in just one step. To see my full review on the Face Halo, check it out here.

After using this alongside some other products for a few months I noticed a difference in my skin, but 
there will still things that I was unhappy with. Then in August Dermalogica sent me some skincare 
products to try and I can't imagine ever using anything else. They sent over the precleanse*, special 
cleansing gel*, daily microfoliant* and the skin smoothing cream*. I was excited to try them out 
since they are so hyped about and a staple skincare brand, but was worried to how my skin would 
react. After a week or two of testing them out I knew that they were going in my skincare routine and 
replacing all the other products I used before. I know only use these and the Face Halo on my skin 
and my acne has been reduced as well as scarring and redness and overall my skin looks smooth and 
hydrated which is hasn't ever looked before. Check out my full review of Dermalogica here.

STEP 1 - Face Halo
Used to remove the main and overall layer of makeup using only water.

Melts away any extra makeup that can sit in your pores and build up.

Removes any impurities left on the skin without stripping the skin of it's natural properties.

Polishes the skin leaving it looking brighter and smoother.

Infuses the skin with 48hour hydration and protects against environmental stress.


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not in collaboration with them and opinions are my own.


  1. I really need to try their products! x

  2. I want absolutely everything here haha x

  3. I adore all of these products, dermalogica is such an amazing brand!

    1. They really are! Can't wait to try more from them x

  4. That all sounds super dreamy to me!