Choosing the right food for your dog | AD

This is an AD with Hills

Before getting a dog I was a bit naive as to how important choosing and finding the right food for
your dog is. It's often thought that because your dog can't verbally communicate with you and tell you
what they like and dislike that you can just give them any food and it's fine. That's definitely not the
case. There are so many different factors that go into making sure the food is right for your dog, and
that you dog is enjoying it. 

Having a puppy can be quite hard to find the right food, because there are so many different brands to
choose from, various age ranges, different flavours and they all claim to be the perfect match for your
dog. Before you've got to know your dog, it's like and dislikes you're forced to make a huge decision
on their diet and whether it will be beneficial for their growth and development.

Within the first week of getting Eddie, he was prescribed some tablets because he had an upset
stomach due to the food we put him on. It was then that we knew how important this was. We have
tried a few different varieties of food that seem to work and all be better than the last, however we
have recently swapped his food over to the Hills Science Plan puppy healthy development dry food.

This is enriched with antioxidants for a healthy immune system, it supports the brain, eye and skull
development and has high quality ingredients in for a gentle and healthy digestion. Eddie a food
orientated person so it's really important to us that he is enjoying the food that's he eating on a daily
basis, whilst giving him all the nutrients that he needs and not upsetting his stomach.

Hills have a variety of different food options tailored to different sized and aged dogs and dogs
 who have special care needs such as; sensitive stomach, digestion and oral care.


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  1. oh he's the cutest EVER. so important to get the right food for them isn't it x

    1. He really is. Food is such an important part and makes a huge difference in their lives x

  2. I only buy Hill's for my dogs and cats, definitely the best!

  3. I'm gonna pass this post onto my sister for her pooch!

  4. Aww my cat used to have Science Plan until he got a funny tummy and then could only have wet food.

    Your dog is so beautiful :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Thank you! We tried him on wet food and he hated it x