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People in my life know how organised I am and how I thrive from having things in particular 
places,  I love having a routine and how I must write everything down. I often get asked how I am so
organised and what advice I would give, and although I do think that it's down to you finding your
own techniques and what works for you, you can also learn new methods from other people. I could
talk all day about how I think everyone should have a planner, but instead I've split it into categories
to stay even more organised and help you know where everything is.

Get a planner. Writing things down and being able to see it on paper helps so much. You won't 
forget about appointments and birthdays like you usually do. You can also colour code things to  help
separate them even more. E.G. appointments highlighted in yellow and birthdays in pink. Make sure
to declutter often. Whether that be your clothes every season, your makeup or your under stairs
storage. Not only is your space going to become tidier and more efficient but you'll feel more relaxed
with your surroundings. I like to go through areas around my room at least once a month and get rid
or donate things that I'm not using or have never used. When it comes to chores, stick to a routine. 
Have a day for washing and ironing, a day for cleaning the kitchen, a day for vacuuming etc. This
will help you build a structured and comfortable environment without having mess and clutter
everywhere or the added pressure, since you have designated days to do each task.

Setting goals is also something I highly recommend as it gives you something to work towards and
focus your mind on. I've really been loving using the CGD London 2019-2020 goals diary. The diary
has a monthly overview alongside a list to mark down the goals for the month. Each week is then
split up into days and has a 12 hour time frame on to write down basic every day tasks, followed by a
to-do and goals box at the side. The back has a bunch of extra paper for to-do lists and addresses. I
love keeping this in my bag as it's small and light weight but it's also very stylish and perfect for
making sure you have all your things together. If you're looking for a simple diary that gets the job
done then I highly recommend checking this out and pick yourself up one! Use my discount code - 'LEAMAI15' for 15% your entire order.

I find organising electronics to be difficult because there are so many different options out there,
however I like to keep it pretty basic. I don't rely on websites or the cloud to keep my things safe, as
often things can still go wrong. I back everything up and keep all my documents on a separate hard 
drive. Not only do I know where everything is, but it stops my laptop from getting cluttered and
slowing down. I then group things together into categories but also subcategories. I have a folder for
my photos, but then also for holidays and which holidays etc. Multiple folders inside of folders. I
also try to do this on my phone. Instead of having apps floating about on multiple screens, I have 1
page full of everything, with my main apps out and everything else in folders. All my shopping apps
are together just as well as my photography and utilities. I know where everything is without it being
all over the place.

The number one thing I can recommend for getting organised in your day to day life is to make a to 
do list. Make a list of everything you can think of that you need to do in the day, from making the bed
and brushing your teeth, to doing the ironing and writing a letter. You can also split it into categories.
So making the bed and brushing the teeth could be under 'basic', ironing could be under 'chores' and
writing a letter could be under 'miscellaneous'. Start with the basics that you do without thinking
about it. By ticking those off you'll feel productive already. Start with the most important and work 
your way down. Once you start doing tasks make sure to tidy up after yourself, so you don't have a
giant mess at the end of the day to sort out. Try not to sit around or scroll on your phone throughout
the day. Instead get your to-do list done first and out of the way so you can relax later.


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  1. Such a helpful post. I am such a list person so writing and journalling things really helps me!

  2. I am such an organised person. I love writing everything down and planning things. I've already bought all the birthday and anniversary cards up until the end of the year. I love the idea of highlighting birthdays and appointments in the planner though! x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. I'm usually like that but have completely forgot this year. Definitely going to do that next year. Colour coding has become my best friend this year x

  3. I would be so lost without my planner, I have to be able to see everything at a glance! x

    1. I know right. I can't keep things on my phone x

  4. Planners are very helpful, although I have brought so many in the past and really do find myself struggling to stick at them.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I was like this for so long until I found the right one. It's definitely trial and error x

  5. I love my planner to bits but I need to plan more day to day activities x

    Joyce |

  6. I recently did a huge declutter and I feel so much better!