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Growing up I used to love Halloween. The idea of throwing a party, getting dressed up and going 
trick or treating, but as I got older my anxiety took over which lead to me having a panic attack 
every Halloween night for years. As a result of this I prefer to celebrate Halloween inside, where 
it's all cosy, I can wear my pyjamas, eat everything and watch not so scary movies. There are so 
many different ways to have a fun time at home on Halloween, whether that be throwing a party 
or having a hide away night inside on your own. 

Halloween decorations are a must when spending the night in. Even if you're on your own, you want 
to set the scene and have some fun with your surroundings. I placed a pumpkin garland on the TV 
and sprinkled some mystical confetti over the table. I then placed a large silver pumpkin and light up 
pumpkin on the table and topped it of with a spooky large raven for that extra added creepiness.

When I think of Halloween and being spooked out I immediately think of horror films. However I 
hate being scared and anything to do with horror films, so instead of watching the 'traditional' scary 
films, I go for the children's or comedic halloween films such as; Caspar, Hocus Pocus and 
Beetlejuice. I will also try and find old Halloween episodes from past TV shows such as Lizzie 
McGuire, That's so Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and I'll even try and find Twitches!

If you are above the legal drinking age then I definitely recommend picking up the book of spells 
cocktail mixers. These themselves do not have alcohol in them but are intended to be mixed with 
vodka, gin and other spirits. Not only are these a perfect way to spruce up your drink but they also 
have the cutest names for Halloween and look like a book of potions. They have 8 flavours to chose 
from including; cranberry, mai tai and mandarin. I mixed the cranberry flavour with some gin, for 
some extra flavour but also because it look creepy in the glass!

Finally the most important thing for a cosy night in is definitely snacks. Since it is Halloween, I 
picked up some candy apples, cookies, cupcakes and made some popcorn. To make it even more 
fitting for the occasion I put the popcorn into a trick or treat bucket for myself, since there we don't 
get any trick or treaters coming round our house. To pull everything together I put the snacks on a 
slate serving board to make me feel more like a hostess.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Perfect for those who aren't a fan of Halloween but still want to do something fun x

  2. I love Halloween and having a good night in! It looks like you had such a god night in!

  3. Halloween nights in are THE best, who wants to be spending it out and about?! x

    1. I know right! Can't wait to be snuggled up and cosy x

  4. This looks like such a fun night in!

  5. Happy almost Halloween! This post makes me soooo happy! I love that board omg perfect night in!

    1. Can't wait to sue it for different spreads and get togethers x

  6. Liam and I have been binging Halloween movies on Netflix for the past week. I love that silver glittery pumpkin and the cocktail mixers are so cute!! x

    Megan Elizabeth