Is this Instagram endorsed product worth it?

For the longest time I've seen the Face Halo brand all over my Instagram feed. Whether that be from 
adverts or people endorsing the product itself. I've always been curious about it but never got round 
to trying it out. That was until Face Halo turned up in my local Boots store and I decided to bite the 
bullet and try it out and test if it's worth all the hype that I kept seeing.

I started seeing all the hype around this product from Chloe Morello on Instagram. Due to her 
involvement in the brand a lot of other people and influencers started using the brand, including 
Shaaanxo. I was hesitant at first because I've tried other microfibre makeup removers and I just 
found that muslin cloth worked better for me, which is why I was so shocked upon trying this out.

My first impression of this was so much better than I thought. I was so surprised at how well it 
removed all of my makeup and how soft my skin felt afterwards. Not only did it leave my skin 
feeling soft on the surface but it removed all of the makeup from my pores and didn't make my 
skin break out the next day. This remover is so good that it also removes all of my mascara.

After removing my makeup I was so shocked at how well it removed all of my makeup that I started 
doing some research about it. I found out that the Face Halo fibre strands are 100 times finer than 
human hair which allows for them to reach into your pores and remove all of the makeup, whilst 
holding on to the makeup and not going back into your skin like other makeup cloths. 

This is also super easy to clean and is recommend to do so by using some soap and hand washing 
after each use and putting in the washing machine about once or twice a week. Since using this I 
haven't used the muslin cloths like I used to and am definitely going to purchase some more so I 
have backs up at the ready.

Purchase your Face Halo from here or online/in store at Boots.


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