Trying Dermalogica skincare for the first time

This post contains gifted products

My skin has been a constant battle throughout my life. Whether is be dryness, scaring, acne, redness 
or sensitivity, I've never had much luck in regards to my skin. I've tried hundreds of different products 
that claim to work for my type of skin, that have varied in price as well as microdermabrasion 
treatments which worked wonders. When I received some products in the mail from Dermalogica
was so excited to try them out as I've heard constant good things about them for years. 

Each product is suited towards specific skin types and are created and tested by dermatologists. 
They have hundreds of products ranging in sizes and prices as well as minis and travel sets if you
 are wanting to try out different products without having to commit to full size items. They have 
over 300 awards and is the number 1 skin care brand recommended by professionals, which 
proves how incredible they're brand and products are.

This is the first step in my new routine. The thought of pre cleansing my skin never made sense to 
me, but after using this I can see why it's a necessity. This is an oil based product which melts away 
the top layer of makeup and general bacteria from throughout the day. When added with water this 
turns to a milky emulsion which helps rinse of any dead skin cells along with excess bacteria.

After removing the first layer of bacteria and makeup from your skin, it's important to make sure 
that they don't sit deep in your skin and clog your pores up. I never used to clean my skin thoroughly 
which is why I had a lot of acne breakouts and active spots. This gel rinses of the toxins and bacteria 
that is buried deeper into the skin, without stripping it of it's natural oils and drying it out. 

I have really sensitive skin that reacts to nearly ever product, especially those that are usually more 
harsh such as; exfoliators and intense face masks. I was worried to try this as I didn't know if my 
skin would break out or if would make me become intensely red. This is unlike any exfoliator I've 
tried before, as it's a powder that has to be mixed with water in order to activate it, which gives you 
full control over how much you want to use. This is super gentle and doesn't irritate my skin in the 
slightest since using it everyday, all whilst balancing uneven skin tones. 

There have only ever been a few moisturisers that I've loved using. I find a lot of them either too 
thick or sticky, some are too fragranced and irritable for my skin, however this is perfect. This has the 
perfect texture and weight to it, which allows it to sink into the skin evenly without feeling sticky to 
the touch. This is also the only moisturiser I've ever used that leaves my skin feel incredibly smooth 
but also hydrated and nourished. This is enriched with active hydramesh technology that infuses the 
skin for 48 hours with hydration and protection against fine environmental damage.

I've never been one of those people that remember to wear sunscreen every day. I know I'm not the 
only one who does it, however I am aware of how important it is and the consequences that come 
alongside not wearing it. This product allows you to get the SPF coverage you need everyday without 
the extra hassle. This is an SPF 30 and primer in one, which brightens and smoothes out any fine likes 
and wrinkles giving you the flawless base with a natural radiance and luminosity due to the peach 
tones and light amount of shimmer throughout. 

I've used this skincare routine for the past 2 weeks and have fallen in love with the simplicity and 
effectiveness of the products. I love using each item individually, but when paired together and 
alongside one another, they become the perfect routine and work better as a whole. I can't wait to 
see how my skin improves over the next few months.


This post does contain gifted products however that does not impact my opinion. See disclaimer for more.


  1. I am using this range too at the moment and I have found it to be quite effective! The only thing I haven't yet tried is the primer.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I love them. Can't believe it's taken me until now to try them x

  2. I haven't tried much from Dermalogica but have a huge wish list! x

    Jordan Alice

  3. I've still never tried Dermalogica! I must be the only blogger left haha

    1. These were the first I've tried. Definitely recommend trying them out though x

  4. I've heard amazing things about the precleanse! Must give it a try at some point x

    Gemma Louise

  5. Loved hearing your thoughts! I love Dermalogica, especially their Prisms Protect :)

    Kate |

  6. I love Dermalogica, especially the Cleansing Gel and Skin Smoothing Cream!