Beauty products on a budget

Over the past 8/9 years of buying makeup, I've built up quite a large collection of products. I've
definitely spent way to much money trying loads of products over the years. The majority of my
collection is drugstore makeup, as I love the quality of the products you get for such an affordable
price. Since I've tried a huge amount of drugstore makeup, I wanted to share my favourite beauty
products for those on a budget.

When it comes to my base makeup, I find absolutely love drugstore makeup. I've tried a lot of 
primers over the years but I've recently fell in love with the MUA pro base primer oil with gold 
flakes. Since it's an oil, it's incredibly hydrating and nourishing which gives any foundation a more
dewy finish. I love to pair this primer with the Revolution conceal and define foundation. Out of all
the foundations I own, this is the one I reach for and use the most. This is medium-full coverage but
light weight and still natural looking. Check out my full review here.

The all time best concealer I've ever tried is the Collection lasting perfection concealer. If you haven't
heard of this, you've most likely been living under a rock. In the 8/9 years I've been doing and buying
makeup, I've never heard a bad thing about this product. This is super full coverage and gives a
flawless base to any look. The best part of this is how affordable it is, retailing for only £4.19.

I've lost count of how many highlighters I have tried over the years. So many in fact I have an entire
drawer full of them. Out of all of them my favourites are the MUA undress your skin highlighters.
I always reach for the pink shimmer and iridescent gold. These highlights are super affordable and
radiant, whilst being incredibly pigmented. I've tried highlighters from MAC and Becca, but nothing
compares to the shades, pigmentation or luminosity of these highlighters.

Mascaras are something I've never really been bothered about. Whether that be price or brand. As
long as it works that's all that matters. For years I was using the Rimmel scandaleyes mascara but on
a whim I picked up the Natural Collection volume mascara. Since then I've repurchased about 10
tubes of this and haven't used anything else since. I can't find a mascara that is both voluminous and
lengthen for my lashes, whilst using a natural bristle wand other than this. If I could buy a lifetime
supply of this mascara, I would; because that is how much I love it. In regards to drugstore
eyeshadow I love Revolution, especially there Revolution x Soph extra spice eyeshadow palette,
because of the warm and vibrant tones throughout, and the ability to create any look from natural to
full glam. Check out my full review of this palette here.

I've always been an admire of the EOS lip balms, but have recently found myself with a small
collection of them that seems to be growly ever so slowly! I could never justify spending £6.50 on 1
lip balm however they are truly incredible. My favourite is the EOS visibly soft lip balm - coconut
 milk, which is super hydrating and restores the nourishment back into your lips. These do feel a little
waxy on your lips, however they feel refreshed and hydrated after. I can't wait to use these more!

What is your favourite beauty product on a budget?


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