Sophdoesnails X Revolution - extra spice

Well she's done it again. Sophie (sophdoesnails - not really any more) has launched yet another palette with Revolution. But this time with 3 nude lipsticks. I saw the announcement video that Sophie did and wrote the date in my calendar. The main thing I was excited about with this collection were the lipsticks. Out off all the collaborations that Revolution have launched, they have never created a lipstick. Other than this being the main selling point I fell in love with one of the shades in the extra spice palette and had to pick it up just for that one shade in particular. 

Sophie has came out with 3 nudes that each have a different tone to suit different skin types. 
They all have a creamy satin finish, making them sit comfortably on the lips throughout the
 day and easy to apply. These come in updated and fresh packaging of a matte nude, with a 
rose gold lid. Each lipstick is is engraved with; 'soph x' on the bullet itself. 

Syrup - brown toned nude
Cake - pink toned nude
Fudge - chocolate brown 

This extra spice palette has 18 warmed toned matte and shimmery 'extra spicy' shades. Each shade is named after something personal or food related to Sophie and is described as more daring and bold than her original palette. Sophie described this palette as being the 'extra spice' in people's makeup collection. The shade that caught my eye and made me want to purchase this palette was the shade twenty one (named after Sophie's birthday this year). The palette is once again in a matte nude case with a rose gold lid, matching the rest of the collection. 

Everyday - very pale purple with a white shift, duo-chrome finish
Vitamin C - canary yellow, matte finish
Brownies - deep brown, matte finish
Running Late - carrot orange, matte finish
Sweet N Sour - electric orange, matte finish
Chocolate Orange - sienna brown, matte finish
Infinity – silver, metallic finish
Twenty One - cerise pink, matte finish
Mulled Wine - red violet, matte finish
Cheesecake - chestnut brown, matte finish
Romance - burgundy with a pink shift, shimmer finish
LA Sun - gold, shimmer finish
Cookie Dough – soft brown, matte finish
Enchanted – wine purple, matte finish
Aurora – khaki green, shimmer finish
Dreams – warm champagne, shimmer finish
Lakes – dark olive green, matte finish
Reputation – charcoal black, matte finish

Have you tried out Sophie's new collection?
Let me know in a comment down below. 



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    1. The red in the palette and lipstick in cake are my favourite x