Shop my - blush and bronzers

Shop my stash posts and videos were all the rage a few years ago, but I wanted to bring them back and put my own spin on them. These posts were always about rekindling your love for products that you always own and in theory are shopping your makeup collection. I wanted to switch it round and share each individual part of my collection and for you to shop my stash and find products that you might love. In other words brief reviews on each product in my makeup collection. 


You never truly realise the true affect that blusher has until you stop using it. I use blusher on a daily basis and love switching up depending on my mood or look that I'm doing. At the minute I'm loving the Lottie London brush crush's and the Loreal life's a peach blush (especially as it's scented).



Bronzer is something that I can't miss out of my routine, as it adds so much shape, definition 
and colour into my Facebook that I didn't have before. My go to bronzers at the minute are the Rimmel sunshimmer, Body Shop honey bronzer and the Loreal back to bronze. If I use a cream or liquid bronzer then I always pick up the Tanya Burr contour sticks as they are creamy and help give the best shape to my face, but I do also love using her body bronzer all over for that Summer glow. 



  1. Thank you for sharing your great collection. I am currently using hoola for bronzer and I love it. I will take a look for Tanya burr contour sticks as you recommend it xx

    1. Glad you liked it. I believe the Tanya Burr contour sticks can only be purchased through Feel Unique now, but they are definitely worth finding x