Zoella splash botanics

Zoe is constantly launching new and exciting bath ranges, and this one doesn't disappoint. Her
latest collection is named Splash Botanics and contains 7 new products, ranging from a bag to
perfume to lip oil. The packaging for this collection is definitely my favourite that she has
realised, however I am not to keen on the scent. The packaging is super chic, and modern
which is different than the usual bright, overwhelming packaging that she usually goes for. I
love the concept and idea of each product  and can't wait to carry on using them.

"A pretty green, watery floral scent highlighted with freesia and delicate iris flowers."

The body mist is the one product out of the entire range that I'm not quite sure on mainly due to the scent. Zoe's previous body mists, all have a distinctive scent, however this one doesn't have a defined smell. It is described as a watery floral with freesia and iris scent, which still doesn't have a specific smell. I find this to smell more like a room spray than a body mist, and is something that I will use lightly or mixed amongst another fragrance.

"Soften your lips with this sweet cherry scented lip oil, enriched with a conditioning blend 
of sweet almond, jojoba and argan oils to nourish and hydrate."

This is one of my favourite products that Zoe has launched, as not many drugstore or hughstreet brands come out with lip oils. Lip oils are moisturised and often slightly tinted and asks as a cousin to the generic lip balm. I didn't know whether I would like this or not because of the cherry smell, however it's not overwhelming and only a light cherry scent. This leaves the lips feeling soft and hydrated, whilst giving your lips a light sheen finish. Upon using this over the past few days, I've noticed my lips have been sore and chapped around the edges. I'm going to carry on using this to see whether it is the lip oil or if it's just a coincidence. 

"Take a soak in this dreamy bubble bath. With refreshing aquatic notes and skin-loving extracts
of hydrating coconut water and radiance-boosting lychee."

On Zoe's vlog channel she has been using her products behind the scenes. In one of her most videos, she used a product that looked like a carton of milk, and that was the product I was most excited 
for. The packaging is definitely what caught my eye first, as the simplicity of the carton paired with the floral and palm leaf lettering, gives a professional vibe to the collection. Even if I didn't like this 
I knew it would make a good prop and decoration piece. I love how easily this makes bubbles, 
and how little you have to use to get a lot of them. If you want to pick up 1 thing from the collection 
I would definitely recommend picking this up for yourself. 

"Enriched with hydrating coconut water and radiance water and radiance-boosting lychee, this moisturising body wash will leave the skin feeling cleansed and beautifully soft."

This is the product that I was least excited for as a shower gel is often just a shower gel. Zoe often uses her body washes to shave her legs as they have a thick and creamy base, which softens the 
hair.  I don't use shave cream or products like that, and just use this as a shower gel. When I first received my parcel, and was testing out the products and scents I was really disappointed with this one. The formula and consistency of the wash is thick and creamy, but the smell is not one for me. 
It doesn't have a distinctive smell like the other products in this range and leave the skin smelling super soapy, even after you rinse it off and get out of the bath. I will continue to use this but it's 
one that I won't be repurchasing again. 

"Soak your cares away with this moisturising bath milk powder. Enriched with hydrating coconut water and radiance-boosting lychee, it will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and hydrated."

If there's one thing that Zoe know's how to create it's funky bath items such as bath milk. In her previous collections she has released a tube of 4 sachets, containing the bath milk powder. However for this collection she has released them on their own, which has it's pro's and con's. PRO being that it's easier to travel with and if you don't like it you're not stuck with loads afterwards. CONS being that you're only getting 1 for £3 rather than 4 for £7, which means if you want to buy 4 it's going to cost you £12 (£5 more than the pack of 4). I love the affect, feeling and smell that this gives your bath and how you can truly feel a difference with your skin after using this just once. 

"Treat your skin to this softening body sorbet. Featuring hydrating coconut water and radiance-boosting lychee, this light get well leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and scented."

If you suffer with dry or dull skin then this moisturiser is for you. This 'body sorbet' is super thick and luxurious. I would describe this as the perfect winter moisturiser because of the consistency, however it is still perfect to use in the summer to make sure you are staying refreshed and hydrated. 

"A stylish bag for all of your beauty essentials."

I definitely do not need another makeup bag, but I couldn't resist picking this up, not just because I bought the entire collection but because of the print and style of the bag. I wouldn't necessarily use this bag for makeup as it is structured flat and compactly, meaning you can't get a lot in it. I would use this for jewellery when travelling, sanitary products or essentials in your handbag.

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