Summer essentials

Every year the months, weeks and days are getting shorter. So much so that we are already in July and Summer. Before we know it, it will be Autumn and then Christmas. Multiple times throughout the year I do seasonal themed posts, and since it's now Summer that means it's time for my classic Summer essentials post. Every essentials and favourites post I try to include 5 items as I find that to be informative but not overly excessive. This year I've gone with 4 items as I believe they perfectly describe Summer and what you need throughout the hotter months to live in and tackle the heat.

Despite living in England and being known for having loads of rain, we do get more sun than
you think. At the minute we are currently experiencing a heat wave and the sun is beaming down
 on us more than we're used to. Sunglasses are something not only that protects you from the sun (obviously), but also act as an accessory and fashion statement, however because of this I find
styles for my face shape hard to find. My favourite pair I picked up were from ASOS and are a
simple basic cat eye shape in a blush pink!

Body oil is my new obsession. I picked up the Superdrug vitamin e hair and body oil about 2 months ago, and jump at any chance of using it. I don't use the oil on my hair but I love lathering my entire body in it. This adds moisture back to the skin and sinks in evenly, without feeling too greasy. I would definitely say this is my number 1 essential for summer this year. 

I really love the whole wet and glossy eyelid look, but I haven't yet dived into that. What I love 
doing is using a creme eye shadow on the lid in a lighter shade to add a slight sheen and definition 
to the lid without being too overwhelming. I have been loving using the Essence and BH Cosmetics cream eyeshadows, especially for a bold and colourful Summer look. 

When it comes to Summer, I always think of bold colours and little makeup. Lip stains combine the 2 and give you the colour you want whilst lasting all day long. I picked up a set of 6 and love using them pink, peach and watermelon shades for Summer. These are super easy to apply and only take 2 minutes to dry and peel off, making you ready for the day. Add a lip balm on top for a natural look.

What are your Summer essentials?
Let me know in a comment below.


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