June favourites

This month I have definitely discovered some new favourites and have planned a lot of things
for next month. I spent June stressing about college work and placement, along with planning day trips for July and August when my boyfriend, Liam, has 3 weeks off. The heat this month has been too hot for England to handle, so much so that I don't know how to dress for it. I think June was a month that was too stressful for me to think about but July and August are months that memories are going to be made.

By Terry CC serum - rose elixir
In April, Lydia Elise Millen released a skincare box in collaboration with Cult Beauty. The box allowed me, and many others, to try a bunch of new skincare and find new favourites. My favourite item from the box is the By Terry cc serum that I have been loving using this month. I have been using is underneath my foundation as a primer and mixed in with my foundation to add a glow and give me a more natural look, however this can be used alone for a subtle sheen across the face. 

My love for TKmaxxx grows every month, and every month I discover new items that I fall
in love with. A few months ago I picked up a box of Patchness under-eye masks and loved them. Since then I have picked up an additional five boxes. This month I have been loving them, to
make sure that I'm staying hydrated and refreshed throughout the Summer.

With the Summer season, comes the warm heat - meaning that foundation isn't comfortable to wear and full coverage just isn't worth it. I enjoy wearing makeup and still like to wear a base so my makeup applies evenly. I've used a variety of different foundations and bases this month, however I've been reaching towards the Rimmel lasting finish breathable foundation as it's lightweight for the hot weather, whilst still evening out your skin tone and adding a light to medium coverage. 

I featured this in my Summer essentials post as it's a product that I will be using for all Summer. When I thought of using a body oil I thought it would be super greasy and, well, oily feeling on the skin. I decided to pick up the Vitamin E hair and body dry oil, the other month and have been loving it ever since. This leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and glistening in the sun.

I don't think I've ever included a body wash or shower gel in a favourites post before, but I had
to for this. Earlier in the month, Liam's mom managed to get her hands on the Marks and Spencer's Summer beauty box where a travel size Res anti-fatigue body wash was included. Since then I
have already used up the entire thing and am considering paying £22 for the full size. I don't necessarily agree with the 'anti fatigue' aspect, but I love how it smells, leaves the skin feeling
 and how easy it lathers up in the shower. 

What are your June favourites?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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