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Shop my stash posts and videos were all the rage a few years ago, but I wanted to bring them back and put my own spin on them. These posts were always about rekindling your love for products that you always own and in theory are shopping your makeup collection. I wanted to switch it round and share each individual part of my collection and for you to shop my stash and find products that you might love. In other words brief reviews on each product in my makeup collection. 

MUA undress your skin - pink shimmer, iridescent gold, pearlescent sheen, peach diamond, silver wonder, radiant cashmere, golden scintillation, golden afterglow, Hollywood rose, opalescent amber, rosewood glimmer, ice sparkle, twinkling violet, aqua shine, glistening amethyst, black magic
Becca skin perfector - Champagne pop, prosecco pop, moonstone, amethyst bronzed amber.
Sleek - cleopatra's kiss, solstice, precious metals, copperplate, distorted dreams
MAC mineralised skin finish - soft and gentle
Tanya Burr - warm bronze, champagne sorbet, peonies please
Maybelline master chrome - molten gold, molten rose gold, holographic
Revolution ingot - rose gold, gold, platinum
Loreal la vie en glow - warm glow, cool glow
Kiko glow fusion - 01 brilliant champagne
MUA pixel perfect - moonstone shine

As you can see I love the MUA undress your skin highlighters. Every time I go on the Superdrug website I always check if they have released new highlighters, and if any have I pick them up especially since they are only £3. My favourite shades to use are pink shimmer and iridescent gold. 

Sleek barekissed illuminator - monaco
Maybelline - master strobing liquid
Loreal - champagne, bellini

I feel like I have a lot of liquid highlighters despite not using them a lot. If I do use a liquid highlighter I always use it underneath or mixed in with my foundation, as if I use it over the top of my foundation it clings to it and brings it up leaving me looking patchy and having to start over.
My favourite to use are the Barry M or Loreal liquid highlighters, to give me that extra glow.


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