BH Cosmetics eyelights

BH Cosmetics is definitely an underrated brand and one that deserves much more credit than it receives. Until recently I only owned 2 palettes from BH Cosmetics - that was until I saw they were having a sale. BH Cosmetics was a brand that was super popular about 5 or so years ago, when beauty gurus and makeup artists took a liking to them and shared them online. Since then BH Cosmetics receives less attention than it should, especially with their incredible products.

About 6 weeks ago I placed a huge order on BH Cosmetics that included; palettes, brushes, cream shadows, foundation and even a glitter glue. I eventually want to do reviews on all the products that I bought as I have been using and testing them out and want to share them with all of you. For now I wanted to share one of my favourites items with you, which is the cream shadow eye lights. 

These are available in 6 different shades and are only $8 or £6.03 on the BH cosmetics website,
however these can be more expensive in the UK due to shipping and transport prices, but
they have 5 out of 6 shades available on BeautyBay for £7. My favourite thing about these is their size. They're not too big and or too small where it's pointless buying them which makes them easy to travel with. These are described as; high shine glitter, multi dimensional shades, easily bendable with other shadows whilst providing an easy alternative to loose glitter.

I like these eyelights mainly due to the colours that they offer. My favourite is the pink shade with holographic blue glitter running throughout, named psych. I also really enjoy using the bright copper shade named gal pal, that I look forward to using even more in the autumn time.

When I've used these shadows I find that they last all day and don't crease on the eyes, however
I don't think they are easily bendable or can work amongst other shadows as they are quite drying and
cling to your lids which doesn't allow for a lot of room to blend or add shadows over the top.

I would definitely recommend these cream shadows to you if you are either a beginner or if you are looking to try out new glitter shades but aren't a fan of dramatic and bold looks (less shadows).


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