18 beauty products I loved in 2018

Just like that 2018 is over. Although it feels like ages since I last did a yearly round up, this year has
gone so fast. It literally went from January, to everyone celebrating the World Cup, Halloween and
then Christmas. Throughout all of this there were so many amazing beauty launches this year and
products that I fell in love with. Every year I like to do a roundup of all the beauty products I've
loved just to finish the year off, but also share products with you that I've been loving using.

As it's 2018 I thought it was ideal to share 18 products that I've loved this year. I've split this into 3
categories; makeup, skincare and bath and body. As makeup is my favourite there are more things
I've been loving in this category as to the others, but everything I've mentioned I highly recommend.


Loreal pure refining infallible primer
I have never heard anyone talk about this primer but I love it so much I'm now on my third bottle.
Don't get me wrong, it's not quite Benefit porefessional, but it's up there with the quality. It goes on
quite liquidy but after rubbing it into your skin it goes tacky and sinks into your pores, leaving you
with the appearance of a flawless base, which also makes your makeup last all day looking perfect!  

Despite this foundation launching 9 months into the year, it is the foundation that springs to mind
when I think of what I've not only used the most but also loved using. I often find myself looking at
other foundations in my drawer but still using this one. The large doefoot applicator helps for easy
application but the full coverage and high quality formula is what truly makes this foundation my
favourite, as well as being from the drugstore. Check out my review here.

Before I fell in love with the Revolution foundation I was obsessed with using this. Again this has a
large doefoot applicator but is more sheer coverage. I like to use this on days when my skin is good
or I don't want to wear a lot of makeup. Although this is light coverage it is easily buildable, allowing
you to get the coverage that you desire. This lasts all day long and looks just as good hours later.

If you haven't heard, tried or fallen in love with this concealer, then you need to go to your local
drugstore or online right now and order it. There is no other concealer that I would use or trust
enough to truly hide and cover my dark circles. It's texture and consistency allows you to build
up the coverage of the concealer to hide any imperfections that you like without caking up on
your face. The best part of this is that it's only £3.99 from the drugstore!

I never thought I was going to find a favourite powder, as to me they're all the same. Saying this,
I do usually just stick to the same one though. As the year comes to a close I'm now on my second
compact of this, about to purchase my third. Since I do have dry skin I need a powder that is light,
but I still want to make sure my makeup lasts all day and is set in place. This is the perfect powder
for that. It is transparent so it adds no extra coverage, is light weight and not cakey but also sets
everything in place for the day ahead.

A collection that I was looking forward to launching this year was; #wokeuplikethis by Loreal. The
collection featured 2 liquid highlighters, a bronzer, blush liquid bronzer and a skin tint. Out of all the
items I was most looking forward to trying and testing out the blush and bronzers. Sine this collection
launched the only bronzer that I have used is this bronzer and I don't know how there is still any left
in the pan!! This adds the perfect amount of warmth to the skin without leaving me looking orange or
washed out since I do have very fair skin. Check out my full review of the collection here.

After never finding anything in TK-MAXXX this was the year I found loads, and this palette was
the beginning of that. Once I saw this I knew it was coming home with me, but I didn't realise how
often I would reach for it. A whole year later and I've hit pan on my favourite shade and can't even
remember what I used previous to this. Since I'm pale this is the perfect tone for my skin and doesn't
leave me looking too muddy or too grey. I'm hoping they release a shade to this on its own this year!

I believe this was an Aspyn Ovard gift set that came with a brow tamer yet again from TK-MAXXX.
The mascara itself it was drew me to it and I know understand the hype around mascaras specifically
for the lower lash. The wand it so small and thin that it allows you to grab and coat every single lash
without them getting thick and clumpy. I can't imagine going back to using a regular mascara on my
lower lashes, and this is a product that I will be repurchasing over and over again.

Hands down the best makeup launch in my opinion of 2018. I am constantly blown away by the
products and videos that Jaclyn creates. This is her second collaboration with Morphe and one that I
love. The collection consists of 4 individual palettes of 10 eyeshadows, that can be bought separately
or as a whole (saving money). I have been loving each palette at different points this year and I can't
wait to see what looks I'll create with them next year. Check out my full review of the collection here.

Despite owning way more lipsticks than I care to admit, I always find myself gravitating towards
the same shades or brands. This year I've found myself reaching for a light pink toned nude to
compliment my looks. This has been the Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in the shade 101. This is the
perfect nude lipstick that doesn't wash me out or look like I'm wearing concealer and looks even more
amazing when paired with my Pixi lip gloss. This is one that I will be repurchasing over again.

For the past 2 years I've had the M&S beauty advent calendar at Christmas and this lipgloss was in
the 2017 edition. Ever since then and all throughout 2018 this is the only lipgloss I have used and
been reaching for. I'm surprised theres any left in the tube. This is the perfect peachy nude gloss that
suits every makeup look, whilst being super glossy yet not sticky.


For so long I was a huge fan of micellar water but released that my skin was still feeling quite
clogged. I switched to a product I had used before and haven't looked back. This oil removes every
trace of makeup from my skin, including waterproof mascara. The main thing I love about this is
that it doesn't feel greasy or oily on the skin, instead it leaves your skin feel super nourished.

After finishing the Sunday Riley Luna night oil, I went back to using this. It was then that I realised
how the Luna oil wasn't beneficial for my skin. This particular oil is smooth and nourishing without
being too heavy on the skin and clogging up your pores. Since using this my skin has definitely
improved and my redness and acne scars have been significantly reduced.

I got a 30ml bottle of this moisturiser in a beauty box and have fallen in love with it. This is super
light weight on the skin all whilst being hydrating and nourishing. However this does come with
hefty price tag of £85. Although it is a luxury and more expensive moisturiser than the majority of
people are used to purchasing, I definitely recommend it if you are looking for something more
luxurious or even try it out if you can get a sample of it!

My skin has been up and down for as long as I can remember so to help me combat that and get rid of
any spots that I have, this has been my best friend. I apply a small amount of this on top of the spot
and by the next morning it has either gone or significantly reduced in size and redness. I can't imagine
not using this or falling out of love with this anytime soon.

This year I've received so many amazing products in my Look Fantastic beauty box, but this lip
plump is by far my favourite item that was included. This is designed to plump up your lips without
having to get fillers or injections, but also hydrates your lips and gives them the nourishment that they
should be getting. I already have a back up of this waiting for when I run out of mine.


I honestly don't know how I used to shower before finding these! When I saw that Imperial Leather
had collaborated with Skinny Dip to create a collection of foam burst shower gels, I immediately
picked them up and haven't used anything since. Not only have I been loving them but I also made
my mom fall in love with them and I even got some more for Christmas. These smell absolutely
divine and have super cute names (their newest one is no drama lama!) but lather up to a foam
consistency on the skin to leave you feel clean and refreshed. Check out my full review here.

Gucci bloom perfume
I never thought I would be the type of person that would be a designer perfume girl, but after
smelling and using Gucci bloom this year, I now understand the hype. When this went down in the
sales after Christmas last year, my boyfriend very kindly treated me to this and I've never been more
thankful. The combined notes of this create a light white floral scent that truly transports you to
somewhere else. If you haven't already, go and check this out.Check out my full review here.

What products have you loved this year?
Let me know in a comment down below.