Gucci Bloom

There are so many perfumes being released that it's so hard to keep track. Gucci have a wide range of fragrances available for both men and women. There most recent fragrance; Gucci Bloom was released in August 2017. I don't have very many luxury perfumes, but this was one that I lusted after. 
After obsessing over this for months and smelling it every time I walked past it, I was lucky enough to find this in the sale after Christmas when my boyfriend bought this for me! 

Gucci bloom has notes of tuberose absolute, jasmine bud extract and rangoon creeper which 
mix together to create a rich, white floral scent. This is described as a scent that transports
 to a colourful and diverse garden verdant with flowers and plants.

The scent then inspired the red and white floral packaging followed along with the simplistic
pink perfume bottle. Alessandro Michele, Gucci's create director described this as a bottle that isn't designed to seduce men, but to keep company with the women that wear the perfume.

Fragrances are something that I wear daily and hate leaving the house without it,  but often 
choose affordable scents. I have recently decided that I want to grow my fragrance collection 
and expand to a range of luxury scents that compliment day to day wear. Gucci bloom is a scent that 
I love to wear and will definitely repurchase again in the future. 

Gucci bloom retails from £52-£99 depending on the size of the bottle and 
can be found online or at fragrance counters in store.



  1. OMG I featured this on a post I would love to try it. It's definitely on my wishlist

    Candice |

    1. It's incredible. Definitely my favourite perfume x