The p word

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Periods…where do we start. The word itself strikes a fear to people. When hearing the word 
period a lot of people get squeamish and disgusted, where others don’t notice it as a negative. 
When I hear the word period I think a time of the month that women’s bodies go through to prepare 
for a baby. I think the word period is a focused on as a negative as people are scared of them 
and what comes along with them due to stereotypes. 

Blood, mood swings, binge eating, cravings, cramps and more are all a part of the cycle.

There are many ways to manage your period including; the coil, injection, patch and the pill. I used the pill which I took for 3 weeks then had a 1 week break where I would have a period. When I started to use this, it was because I had heavy periods that were so irregular, but this later became a form of controlling my period as well as a form of contraception. This meant that sometimes instead of stopping my pill for a week to have a period, I would continue to take me pill so I could avoid having a period.

A lot of people I know have had the implant which have worked perfectly for them, but I 
didn’t like the idea of it and it scared me slightly. Finding a method to manage your periods
 can be very difficult as every person’s body reacts differently.

Not only are there methods to control and manage when and if you get a period, but there are so many options as to how to handle it when it arrives. These include; tampons, cups or pads. Each method has their pros and cons and work differently for everyone. I chose to control my periods 
with sanitary towels/pads as it is most convenient and easiest.

The main reason that I wanted to write this blog post it because nobody talks about periods or 
their personal experiences. I wanted to share awareness of the problems that can come along with them and how a women’s body reacts. I wanted to write this post to hopefully get rid of the negative stigma focused around periods and the word itself and the fear behind them.

This photo is not mine

Recently I have been using the app 'Flo' to help track my periods. This app is perfect to track when
your period is due, when you are ovulating, sex, symptoms and more. This has recently become one of my favourite apps, and I would highly recommend downloading it for yourself.

We are so lucky to live in a country that offers sanitary products and where we are able to afford them. There are so many girls that live in countries that don’t offer sanitary products or the women can’t afford to buy them. According to thehomelessperiod, shelters get an allowance every year to buy items such as condoms, but nothing for sanitary products.  This is why I have just donated 
money to bloodygoodperiod through their just giving page.

Let me know in a comment down below if you have donated.


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