Loreal smooth sugars scrubs

Loreal skincare is something that I've only just gotten into, since the release of their pure clay 
face masks. When I saw that they had released a range of face and lip exfoliators I was intrigued
 to try and test them out for myself. Exfoliators are something that I lack in and don't use often, 
so I made sure that I picked up all 3 in the range.

This smooth sugars glow scrub aims to leave the skin feeling baby-soft and illuminated. This scrub has a mixture of 3 fine sugars which is then combined with grapeseed oil, monoi oil and acia powder to help leave the skin feeling smooth and refined. The main aim for this scrub is to boost radiance and polish the skin. I love this scrub because it is super fine and soft on the skin rather than being super harsh. I find this particular scrub also has a slight Coca Cola scent to it. 

Clear scrubs aim is leave the skin feeling clean and purified. This scrub is combined with 3 fine sugars, kiwi seeds, peppermint essential oil and lemongrass essential oil to exfoliate the skin. This clear scrub helps to purify the skin and lift blackheads. When I was using this scrub, I could feel the fine sugars more on my face due to the jelly like consistency of exfoliator base. 

This smooth sugars nourish scrub is the softest exfoliator out of the collection, due to the cocoa butter mixed throughout. This aims to clean, nourish and soften the skin. 3 fine crystal sugars are mixed in amongst cocoa butter, cocoa grains and coconut oil to achieve that smooth and soft skin. Out of the 3 exfoliators, this is my favourite as it is super soft and luxurious on the skin. 

These can be found at Boots or Superdrug for £9.99 each. 



  1. Oh wow I had no idea they released these!

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

    1. I don't think they were talked about much. I found out through the explore page on Instagram!! x